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Raise their taxes and redistributing some ways to the do seats quite distant thing doesn't affect them on a daily basis she when it comes to to look we want to resign on neighborhood d'alemo lewis lowincome housing we want to introduce a kind of different school admissions process that will kind of integrate all schools mall all we're gonna actually not use legacy admissions and doing that and that's not going to help off in a friends to get into a valued internship somewhere and so on when he gets intimate like that when it gets personal actually the other thing is much difference at all between liberals and conservatives in that clause and so i think the interview to be really harsh about that you would say that quite to love liberal uppermiddleclass american soil to subcontract their liberalism so the votes and to the distant things were all the van living out there liberalism in the daily lives and that's not true for all so i'll give an example of an affluent school near where i live and i live in africa area with good public schools a bit like the ones of mike to squad probably whose pta parent teacher association said we raising a lot of money for our in kids schools but that's going to make a huge imp inequality there was sufficient liberal there now giving hov the money they raised to very pull school in dc and so they basically do form of social setting they're saying look we're coming up on a stop tents raising money for the school we all going to give half of that money to a school couldn't otherwise afford it and that's the kind of imagine to response to these problems i'd like to see more people confronting but it requires us to recognize the unfairness has suggested in the first place ray and alley in basking ridge new jersey has the question molly hi curious if you know there's a different impression active based off of generation because my parents actually grew up in the project and now we're highly.

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