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Three fifty six. Thirty. Three advocates are calling for more transparency from prosecutors and beefed up NYPD patrols after two assaults against Jewish victims. In Brooklyn over the past few days for Sunday when a man was assaulted by an irate driver in what police waiter called a road rage incident, then Monday in crown heights when a man was attacked with a large stick to potential instances of hate crime. As both of the victims were clearly identifiable as orthodox Jewish men councilman high Deutsche now pursuing legislation to make hate crime data more accessible when hate crimes such as it is all possible hate crimes happen in the city of New York. We want to know what is going on here and others rallying to demand more patrols, and traditionally Jewish neighborhoods outside police headquarters James flippin for seven ten W. O R Senator Bob Menendez in New Jersey slamming Republican opponent, Robert Hue for a political ad alleging he slept with underage prostitutes. This deceitful the spic bowl attack ad tells you everything you need to know about Republican Bob you, but he's a slime ball. He's a misogynist, and he's a liar. President Trump says he's anxious to find out what happened to missing Washington Post journalist, Jamal kashogi. Turkish officials believe kashogi was killed after entering a Saudi consulate. And now reports say there is a recording of him being tortured. And then killed and other news is seventy six year old commuter is in critical condition after he was hit by a subway train at the sixty sixth street station near Lincoln center this morning. The man who voiced and played both big burden. The grouch for the better. Part of fifty years is ready to call it quits since nineteen sixty nine Caroll Spinney has appeared in thousands of Sesame Street episodes playing big bird a character. He says he played as a six year old and a big yellow costume to be paying any attention to me today, and I'm getting a little angry. The eighty four year old says Oscar the grouch was fun too. Because he got paid to be grouchy travel with his everything so happy it makes me sick in two thousand fifteen Spinney stepped out of the big bird costume the physical demands. Just too much. But he says the big yellow bird will never leave him. I kind of feel the same about giving him up in it. I'll always be part of him this week. He tapes his last episode of Sesame Street at their fame studios in queens, Noam Laden for seven ten w o and. Legendary journalist. Jimmy breslin was honored today after midtown street was named tennis honor he died last year at the age of eighty eight.

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