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As a way to kind of talk about the consistent kind of bumbling idiocy com of white man and some of the comes from growing again. I mentioned before they grew up on a farm. It comes from this kind of boyhood play too. And i'm trying to find a way to talk about the the constant idiocy of many of the things that we do is humans but also how from that idiocy can come success and innovation. You know the that through failure thing you solve problems. And i certainly found that as a kid that There was a level of success through invention that came from making foolish things telling fluish stories. kind of playful invention so i'm also trying to celebrate Some of those things as well and just Find a way to reflect back on those those moments in my own life With a real affection house before Last question from anyway so we we just. We talked about how your tree is going to be painted over. But i did also read and tell me about this. I so struck by this that you are part of an effort to plant more trees real trees at the cahoon museum. Yeah thanks for bringing that up yet. We partnered at the cahoon with the barnstable land. Trust which is a really wonderful organization on the cape which supports all kinds of Investment in the local environment including preserving land planting trees environmental education. Things like that We originally wanted to put a live tree in the gallery and then have a kind of tree. Give away as a way to support Local plantings We had a bunch of Nursery owners arborists. Come in and tell us if that was a really terrible idea as trees would definitely die which seemed like you know. We have a dead tree depicted Suggest new growth. So that didn't seem like the right idea. So then we. We started talking with parts. Bowland trust and i really appreciate what they're doing and They've been great advocates In the region for a healthy approach to all the different Challenges of climate change. So i donated a portion of my artist stipend to them. And we've built some conversations about other ways that the museum and Partner with them in the future. So that's an exciting outcome of the project. I'm always hoping to find ways to make sure that projects like this have a life beyond just the imagery to even greater taught you jared as the arts and culture guy. I'm more the political person but let me tell you something. I really enjoyed looking at your work. The guys flying through the air and everything else just. It's been a lot of fun and thank you very much for joining us. You congrats on the cahoon. Thanks so much for having me. i really appreciate it. yeah congratulations. It's fantastic contemporary artist. Ethan moreau's exhibit. The greenhouse is on view at the cahoon museum of american art through october. Third to learn more. Go to cahoon. Museum dot.

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