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Here we are we're going to talk about our favorite i think this is one of my personal favorite things to discuss yeah i mean we don't have a guest today because to get scammers to like come and talk about their scams yeah and he's scammer worth their salt would be like no either like moved on bright and are trying to live normal lives like operating a scam that like they cannot be distracted from and like they're not be like yes i call an art and let me reveal all of my secrets to you which is kind of both good and bad and that's like of course we want to know how their brain works totally but at the same time this way we can just speculate wild what we do that's true so yep scammers are having a moment yeah i mean i think because of the anatoly uproar okay so anna delhvi she was a girl who was sort of around very specific socialite seen a couple of years ago is like i think her pekan she eventually got caught a couple months ago she poses like a russian socialite she scammed her way into getting like trips paid for by like fabulous people with a lot of money she basically lived at a hotel for awhile and got really close with the concierge this woman nefertari davis she's at eleven howard which is a hotel and so so she got close with this woman who sort of was sort of charmed by her but also became like a crucial part of her ability to continue to scam she had like a european adjacent like a continental accent that like really helped sell the scam and her whole thing was just kind of like hustling for i mean it was for money obviously but the money was just to like fund like her lifestyle didn't necessarily seem malicious i mean all skims i suppose are malicious but it didn't seem up serving right right it didn't seem as militias as like other scams could've been she was trying to launch a business some sort of a weird art thing that she was trying to also raise money for i think she was perfect because in new york there are so many people all the time that you either like no through parties like knows acquaintances or like we'll come into your life for three months in like disappear everyone sort of just like oh like if you're paying for every single dinner like if you're saying like hop on my plane to do buyer whatever it's fine you can blake this makes sense and part of the thing about her scam was that she would do things like invite people to like go to dubai or like go on these yeah well she took the writer of the vanity fair which kind of broke the story yeah rachel williams she took her to merica yeah i don't know someone was like conflict what is the what is the string attached oh no i would be like i'm on i'm there i don't trust let me just like ride the coattails of people shittier than i true but i mean the problem is people who ended up what would happen is they would go to like a hotel in marrakesh they go to like whatever and then someone would be like it's time to pay right and she would make up some saying like oh i'm credit card blah something something but it always it always very casual and it didn't feel like.

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