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That i think was recently for bone growth in and ben the victim sorry You know they can be very effective for treating that situation. I mean these drugs designed for medical folks nooses outside at tests transparency Some analog interject steroids in the different description that tesla's translated honestly would use them. They suppressed your endogenous testosterone. So be it allows a compound to actually used to use it to such Us medical therapeutic actual legitimate uses compounds. Some of the they were designed for tregoning for example now increasing I levels so yeah. It's using than for Reasons to build muscle in new enhanced recovery training capacity as slapstick. things have been necessarily what they designed thera- a side effect dance is very favorable. So it's hard to Up and find out a bill muscle. I'm using these compounds in you. Know what the side effects allies types is aims. Wade's Definitive information. Because they don't designed to to the folks those that are yet you are forced to talk to people and read things the ben heading our. What you're reading online is is information It's it's a it's easy dwelled out there and The information can be tricky to source definitely. Did you ever have any experience with the like the. The common sort of jim bro. Style of of using those drugs like you hear about it from some other the gym and he shows us some shit that he's taking and then his might give it a go and then like did you have come to have experienced rome. Yeah look i did back in the day like many many years ago. I used like that and my original conversation was vaccine on. Voices is all again back in the day it was it was just as if you can imagine the benign teeth to the beach. The parachute pants to the load. Kat big highveld boots. I mean these guys bag guys. Using at bolic's wasn't average jar taken During the average gerard getting so festival. nut trying cross-fitters on the bus specifically or just look at that. That's the it's really really common these days.

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