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Well it's great you know it's it's great he said some really strong days he's you know you can see in getting stronger with with the with each day that result there I think you know just his his presence around the team because everyone looks up to release the captain for a face off tonight just after nine on eighteen T. sports college basketball Robert Morris beech St Francis Brooklyn seventy eight fifty two Josh Williams of the colonial so twenty points coach Andy Toole says he could have more we tried to find as many ways as we can to get a great looks we want to be aggressive there's even how shots in the second half I thought he passed on that we need to take yeah we want to say and so it's been when he's making those shots are really opens up everything for a lot of other guys are guys energy star Williams a six for eight on three pointers colonials are homing as Wagner tomorrow at one NFL conference semifinals this weekend tomorrow's games you can hear me on the fan Minnesota at San Francisco at four thirty followed by Tennessee and Baltimore Sunday's games will be here on newsradio ten twenty could spit basketball's on the fan Houston and Kansas city at one Seattle at Green Bay after that the pirate signed free agent outfielder camel her ready twenty nine years old in the majors five seasons last season here at two twenty five with Tampa Bay from the sports desk from colony newsradio ten twenty KDKA sports side pop quiz we talked about PPG paints arena us originally down at star lake yeah but there was called the star like camp of theater right then it was the coca Cola Starley camper theater then isn't what is now post because a pavilion Cieszyn tea bag music park wow thanks for saying and guess who's coming to do one thing to.

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