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Here's an I Heart radio podcast preview. The Royals, The Murdochs the Kardashians. They're mysterious, their influential and they're filthy rich selling here at Christie's $400 million, so they get to be princesses Macon. Will you take Harry to be your husband? I will They get to break the law. Rupert Murdoch is caught in a scandal that continues to grow by the minute engulfing his giant company. And deep down. We love them because behind closed doors. They're just like us. Okay? Maybe they're not exactly like us. From wondering the makers of the shrink next door and American scandal comes even the rich, a new podcast that brings you totally true and totally shocking story about the greatest family dynasties the world has ever seen. It's a show about power, how you get it, How you keep it and what happens when it goes to your head and the Empire's Worth $1 billion just in perfume alone? I'm Marissa and I m Brooke, where comedians, former roommates and best friends. We met parking cars for Hollywood big shot. And if you don't think that makes us qualified to host the show about money and power. And independent, newest source in the world of Retweets Stay connected with Sacramento's News 93.1. So Bobby Valentine and Joe Tory reminiscing this morning about 9 11. And They.

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