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Todd Haley returns to Heinz field Sunday. He said today that he and Browns coach hue Jackson are on the same page has changed. He's also aware that bedrock burger gave him a shout out on his fan radio show this week. I did read it earlier today and ban is a great player. He's been to the top of the mountain. I'm sure he's he's preparing he's probably working on his quarterback snakes and such and before three Texans. Dow atop the AFC south after four consecutive wins host the four and three dolphins who stabbed a game at back of the patriots in the east seven o'clock kick-off for West Virginia and Baylor. Ed Morgantown the thirteenth. Brag about their to bounce back after their first. Loss of the season which was followed by a BI week. ACC coastal division leader Virginia Tech will host Georgia Tech at seven thirty when Pitt plays host to Duke on Saturday. The Panthers helmets. We'll have the initials on them in support of former alignment Alex officer who is battling cancer the penguins to it over there road trip play in Calgary tonight. Looks like there's gotta be a couple of lineup changes Daniel sprung out Derek grant in also out you so recall up with Chad REU, we'd over replacing him. Matt berry will again be in goal and the pirates. Corey Dickerson is a finalist for gold. Global among National League left fielders, Eric Hagman, NewsRadio ten twenty Katie K sports. Thank you very much, Eric. Hey, Fleetwood, MAC fans, listen up. They are coming on November the first at PPG paints arena. And I have tickets to give away the cue to call just minutes away. I'm David Johnson tonight at six on channel. And other news, a toddler found wandering alone on a Pittsburgh street here. What is mother just.

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