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Has my attention with that with world that's the that's the the book series i believe i right this is a peter jackson it's a looks ostojic house moving the hassle yeah it's i house housman castle war movie no guessing looks radd i've never heard of this adam yeah it's a it's based on like a london yeah all of one in my could liz on a floating fortress are also a driving fortress pretty damn cool so here is my thing too i i hate buying into hype as much as anyone else but they're they're definitely movies that are like peeking my interesting i wanna see a leader battle angel oh yeah is god it looks weird yeah i am as as the fires like good movies going i'll of dogs will probably be elderberry it's a wes anderson animated are sorry stop motion in movies have you seen a fantastic mr fox is just such a good movie there's a shame plaque sh flew shane blacks the predator editor that like all go see that as we re by london scott lodge predators its children and stuff on violent plant there's pitirim i don't know everybody's excited about the relay aladwa hansa lower he said about solemn now on them north at his memorial at all kind of mornay a sort of like are they gonna build the pull it off sort of the amount really excited for but i do want to go see a is ready player while you go i will go see that i despise the book i hate i hate it he read the whole thing absolutely for having listen to the will sweden audio version of my god he can here happy he is when he talks about how will clinton is the mayor of the oasis in music and of course he won four years running it shut up shop at hurry in the book the.

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