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Muslim says or the those were taken to work towards the coast are not that i had to be prepared just a case i was going to a gaming still via tone readily with uh with the preparation throughout dole weeks i've ever took my thoughts there this team is very capable of making the playoffs and we have to god day each and every week and play the way we know how to play ira taylor bench you're going nine of eighteen for fifty six yards through fifty five minutes in the loss to the scenes on november twelve nathan peter of course did not fair benched in favor of tailor to start the third quarter this past week with the bills down thirty three points taylor wind fifteen of 25 garbage time fifteen of twenty five hundred fifty eight yards touchdown lost fumble also scored on a twoyard run now he's the starter again this week taylor's ben inconsistent buffaloes passing game ranking twenty eight in the league prior to last weekend's the back all the bills or five at five they've lost three straight they face kansas city this weekend and as for the chiefs they have signed free agent cornerback terrell raivis earlier with our bawana jones espn insider dan glaviano the to carry helping the teams have been trying to pull off for a while uh but he was waiting until i guess he was ready and uh you know he's gonna he's gonna come back and be a part of a secondary that set a little trouble since air berry went out and weak one and so you know we'll see what he's got left there was some issue about that and the offseason what does he have left uh but he was obviously waiting for the rights situation in the right time and um i think uh you know it'll be interesting to see it to ten the needs a little bit of a joke uh and i saw that team on sunday a loose in the giants which is not a good thing do and uh i think they're you know they're looking for somebody to help.

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