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Producer, Mclovin, David Kind discussed on The Dan Patrick Show


Yeah yeah no we came out the numbers like on the phones nothing it was one of the worst moments in my career day we were at kale ac morning one it's six seventeen am locally and you put the number out there he said call in the phones weren't working and there's this guy named board david kind of a quiet guy david i i don't think the phones working the phones are working oh no so that means no one's called trying to blame the phone yeah beer here this you have a producer in the newsroom hiding this is brian from people i needed frank kellyanne oh to do like nine voices there for people who are going to be callers seat ready for your shower shame i gotta walk over on the other side and mclovin gotta get up on the ladder so seton lost to that last night and mclovin has the mystery mystery bucket number one i have mystery bucket number two well you're something okay so are we ready mclovin on the ladder you're ready to go which we're going to work you're absolutely you yes yes now there could be spillage and here we go in three two one up churches varies chatting blueberry and some chocolate powder listen do you have to whip cream visitor to whip cream and you put the sherry all right go now you can if you'd like to have some of the whip cream and berries all got a spoon as he's taking after take those are very fresh.

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