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Bill Kurtis here on the wait, wait podcast. You're about to listen to you'll be able to hear Peter and me, but we can't hear you. But it doesn't have to be that way with the new wait quiz for your smart. Speaker will ask you questions and be able to hear your answers. Imagine that a little back and forth between the three of it. So what a glorious age we're living in just ask your Lexa or Google home to open, the wait wait quiz to try it out. If you do well enough, you could win my voice on your voicemail. That's right. Get these pipes without a plumber. Give it a try. From NPR and WBZ Chicago is his wait. Wait, don't tell me the NPR news quiz. Remember, the bellum? Oh. I'm Bill Curtis and here is your host from trinity universities, Laurie on a Dory in San Antonio, Peter Sagaing. We are so happy to finally be able to do our show here in San Antonio. And we made it just in time right before the federal government forces the city to change its name to Saint Anthony, Texas. Senator Cruz will be allowed to keep his name. But he has to start spelling it like Tom does. Later on. We're gonna be talking to a Texan who reported on just about every major story of the postwar era. Mr. Dan rather himself? I. You wanna hear live report from your house? Give us a call. The number is one triple eight, wait wait that's one eight nine two four eight nine two four now. Let's welcome. Our first listener contestant. Hi, you're on. Wait. Wait, don't tell me. Hi,.

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