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Drunk priest like cable, like basic cable or free public access Christianity show that could be something and I'm pitching it. Next week you may Brandon. We're going to Netflix. Also they have so. So no back end you'll be debating in no back, get back in, but let's not talk about that. I got. Thank you so much to Nova for stopping by. Yes. To exit. They love to have your, I'm not picking on you. I, I'm going to say this to everyone who is on stage as we wind down here at Harvard town. One more time for Nova. What a star. You will be the next contestant up to leave the stage. Thank you. You look like a million fucking dollars. Police, say a huge. Thank you too. Jean Charles said, I j. Rapid Franch folks. You come to town. He'll take what he's taking. He's picking it up mental, go behind us, man. Up stage in our book. He was so so European about he lifted book. I'm going to go around and pick it up. Now he pulls out the gun. Excellent. I'm sorry. The entire European Union is also sliding fascist. But see how I mean, right. That phrase is taking on a new hopeful hopeful to you too. Don't you have like Hitler down their heads and, oh, all of us every every continent across the planet. Boy, what have we ever seen that happen right before, what. Either one. You so much. The Australian gut knows mckeever Chris four, Sarah hill, Fabrica Brandon Johnson, we Davis good night's. Thank you. The lovely time theater church. We love you could night. Gouda show.

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