Mr Judge Obama, White House, Mr Bitters discussed on Mark Levin


The hell. the president. supposed to have some level of decorum. when the press is out of control Jim a cost in this class. and how the hell can a federal judge reach into the White House in on the White House lawn. Intel the president he must do this sort of. and here's the irony one of the army Mr bitters Sir. how many cameras are in the federal court house of that federal district judge that ruled that this violated the first amendment freedom of the press. not one. you see ladies and gentleman. our court rooms federal court houses don't allow photographs. videos. I television cameras I planning that's a good idea but. how does Mr judge Obama appointee explain himself. that is another branch of government don't the people have a right to know Donna people have a right to watch their federal judges lifetime appointees. Lee not. what if Mister Karim walked into that courthouse and sad I have a constitutional first amendment freedom of the press right and did it I've got my TV camera here and then adds yeah Jacque judge what would the judge say then. he's allowed to be here what about the decorum doesn't matter. freedom of the press you know. I'll be right back. then. it's time to check the roads in that Kate on traffic.

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