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Will right. Now it's all the republicans have and i've talked to a number of a republican strategist and lawmakers in recent days who expressed frustration. How first of all how popular. Joe biden isringhouser hoovering sitting well north of fifty percent And how popular. This bill was even though no. Gop lawmakers went for lots of republican voters. Backed in the white house has not shy of pointing that out looking at polling Tomorrow the white house though the bill was signed today by president biden the oval office. They're still going to have a bit of a victory celebration tomorrow in the rose garden and no republicans will be there because this was not a bipartisan bill. Despite white house efforts and now the white house is going to use this bill. One that americans want to suggest that. Hey republicans are out of touch all that. They're not looking for you. They're not trying to vote for checks in your pockets that fourteen hundred dollars but rather they've tried just inflame the culture wars now the one piece optimism for republicans is this. They feel like the terrain aheads heads a little more friendly for them. That the covid relief bill. The was broadly popular but other things biden wants to do a little less so perhaps infrastructure jobs climate change bill something on immigration something on voting rights. That biden agenda is ambitious republicans. Think they'll be able to score more points there but we'll see the biden white house right now. They're convinced they have momentum. They're going on the road next week. They're going to sell this and they believe they can use this victory to springboard them more. Susan here's a big picture question. I want to quote our mutual acquaintances e. j. dion over at the washington post quote the willingness of democrats to speed through a program of this size reflects the final. Shrugging off of reagan era constraints the shift away from top down supply side economics could not be more dramatic. So susan if he's right and get to judge that what is this the start of then. You know the the end of these reagan. Eric end of the need. That bill clinton felt the to to negotiate some third way between democrats and republicans taking a much more conservative stance and many democrats. Were taking at the time. This is a very liberal bill. This has big expansion of the safety net. It doesn't include just copay. Relief as republicans were fonda pointing out it. The big expansion of the child tax credit it expands subsidies for the affordable. Care act This is a this is a huge expansion of the roller federal government ended a time that americans really definitely democrats but a lot of republicans are eager for this to happen. You didn't hear a lot of pushback that the government shouldn't have a role in doing all these things. I think this crisis has really created a sentiment that this is something that only the federal government can do and that the federal government should do. We are really seeing. I think a significant shift in where the center of the american electorate is when it comes to the role of the federal government. Okay you gene. So if that's correct and biden has pulled out. The giant united states of america. American express card This does have a big price tag and guess what biden wants more. There's also the minor matter of rebuilding our country. I drove across town in post apocalyptic midtown manhattan today and was kicking myself because i forgot to bring a spare axel. Where are we going to pay for all of that. I think that is what they're talking about now where they've likely to start talking about this infrastructure bill and when you hear from biden folks is that they are not as focused on The deficit in what they also remind us is that as republicans find religion again on the deficit not to not to let that keep us. You know the keep that in. Mind that it. Over the trump years that was not something that republicans that was a huge part of what they were doing and it still isn't and so now they're coming back to that. That big fight is gonna matter because you know they this bill basically the easiest bill that they're going to get done those a little bit of drama at the end of the senate with joe mansion but now they're going to need sixty votes. They can't go to reconciliation. And so now the tug of war on those that price tag on transport on infrastructure on on all of these different things that jonathan was saying of this really ambitious agenda as they've kind of expanded the minds of people what they think the government should be doing and that includes republicans. You know this is a this is the third check. People have gotten and we were not thinking that people are covered andrew yang and the twenty twenty primary. And it's really interesting to see now that that has a part of the mainstream of not just the democratic party but the government that we have in this country and as people get used to certain things in this country. They don't want they want them to keep coming. And that is a mindset change that biden and republicans are going to have to deal with moving forward. We appreciate our big three on a big night. Eugene daniel's susan page jonathan lemere greatly appreciate you guys starting us off coming up for us after a year of fear and sorrow and staggering loss. There is hope one of our favourite doctors from the american city. That was hit hardest. And i by the full force.

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