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Right. Our listener survey is still going on and matter of fact, let me. Preview of our media kit. What did you think? I thought it was interesting. Yeah, so we're not ready to show it off yet, because it hasn't been officially released. I actually let rob see the beta version. It's still being beta tested. Top secret to yeah, you can share it with the lip syntin say holy shit. Look what blueberries bring in the market. Let's see if I can find it. I sent it to you in text. So it does show that we published 799 episodes. Yeah, remember, that's audio and video. Oh. Okay. Yeah. That makes sense. So it's all basically I picked up. So right now we're running 83% men 16.6% women. Our age breakdown, biggest number of listeners of this show is 56 to 65 at 36%. 36 to 45, 24%, 18 to 25, 4%, 24%, 46 to 55, under 18 zero, over 65, 12, and 26 to 35 so far zero because we've had no responses on those levels. 76% of you have a bachelor's degree, 9.5% of you have a high school diploma 4.76% of you have an associate's degree. 62% of you employed 12% are retired 12% other. Students make up 8.33%, 4.16 part time, 13.3% of you still have kids at home, but mostly 86.6 have no kids. Let's see here, I need to pull this up a little higher. 73.6 of you own a home and three 15.7% rent and ten neither. Where's neither? You don't rent or own. You just live with mom and dad. So maybe that aligns with the student number. So anyway, our survey, let's help build the survey information. But this show right now has an 84% impact play. What does that mean? That means that 75% of you listen at least 84% of you listen to at least the 75% mark. Oh, is that what that means? Okay. Yeah. So anyway, that's 83% men. Yeah. I'm not surprised about that necessarily. And 16% women. But again, the survey data is still a little thin, we need more of you to participate and I got to pull some stats data for rob so that he can do some research to see how we're doing. When we're not mapping to the highest growth category in age, are we? No. Or, again, the survey data is still limited. We haven't had that many people respond. It's not a it's not yet. Not statistically significant. So if you haven't took our survey, we want you to so we can have a statistically significant percentage in that link to that surveys in the show notes at new media show dot com. We want you to follow or subscribe. When you're on the website, that's the main thing. Get over there and follow our subscribe to the show. And of course, if you have comments on today's podcast, you can send them to either robber. I am Todd at blueberry dot com at geek news on Twitter. I can be found on Twitter as well at rob greenlee and you can send me an email as you want to rob G at lips and dot com. Happy to hear from you. So send us your ideas and your comments and we'd love to talk about it on the show here and like Todd was mentioning earlier any kind of thoughts on the graphics presentation that we have for this show. We'd love your ideas and I know we've gotten audio from listeners in the past and tell your Friends about the show. Absolutely want to be a resource to everyone because it sounds like we have a lot of new creators out there that need to have a little backstory on the industry and that's what we try and do. Pod Vader says the youngsters don't want their doctorate and podcasting yet. You might be right there pod meter. And we did have some comments come in. We're so absorbed. Davey, thank you for your comments. He says it could be the huge number of sampler doing podcasts as a business. He also says, wonder which age group has the most pod fade Eileen says Todd, are you seeing the comments on YouTube? Oh. Oh. Well, she was commenting on YouTube and I don't have a split screen for YouTube, so I apologize aileen. She said, I think the slide is pretty accurate. I'm in the 29% women or less. I'm in the 55% group. I don't think it's embarrassing, say, didn't I go to college, employed has to include business owners. So I agree with you. Fair enough. Yeah. So that's going to bring us to the end of the show. And I'm going to end things a little bit different today, putting our graphic up. I'm going to leave our website up. So the goal here is for you to remember to go over to new media show. Don't forget, our guests last week was album brook from hootsuite. We haven't listened to that from both buzzsprout. Excuse me. He's going to like, how did that work? And I did not get the 5 O three show out. This is 5 O three. So 5 O four will be the podcast presentation. So everyone, thanks. Thanks for being here. Just audio only on that. Audio only. And I'll put it in the video feed as well. So those of you that subscribe to the video will have just audio for podcasts. All right everyone, thanks for seeing next time. Take care. Thanks. Bye. Bye..

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