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Talking to us this afternoon alerted beware here how serious are the charges but um it's serious in the sense that it has been the focal point of uh he's really media for the last year as been swirling around this police investigation and now the police gives it to the attorney general and the attorney general has to make a decision to indict they won't happen immediately it'll take a few months prime minister will be given the hearing but now they'll be this cloud of questioning weather indeed uh he can serve afternoon after a formal indictment so it puts into play uh a series a sequence of events that uh the prime minister will see is underminding against future leadership even though under the law he apparently is under no legal uh responsive build you the resigned in the in the event that there is a formal indictment is mentioning are leading to you were talking about a bribes fraud and breach of trust as alleged behavior on eight and yet if i understand things correctly the favors or gifts were actually pretty small items were the right they were correct and that part of the whole drama the story is bad there's not at be a battle in certain way for public opinion the prime minister thank you think over 10year period that i took two hundred eighty thousand dollars worth of champagne and and cigars that this is gonna do swirl you know tell me to work you know towards these certain to wealthy individuals uh any will you know basically said this is all trivial and he isn't it in lately been very tough on the police.

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