Miami - Florida Governor Gives the Go-Ahead for Beaches, Businesses to Reopen


Most of Florida set to re open open today today with with the the blessing blessing of of governor governor Rhonda Rhonda Sanders Sanders who who stay stay at at home home order order expiring expiring restaurateurs restaurateurs across across Florida Florida can't can't wait wait to to see see diners diners again again even even if if if only only only in in every every other other table table but but I I do do only only reservations reservations and and walk walk ins ins only only two two we we have have the the capacity capacity laureate laureate Jordan Jordan runs runs locked locked Renteria Renteria cafe cafe Napoli Napoli in in fort Myers up into varies at the lake square mall they will have shoppers but still offer curbside pickup Caleb Miller lives nearby that's good so I guess some people don't want to go and to understand and coastal counties can decide to open their beaches Pinellas county sheriff Bob Vila Terry says they'll be open and clear water water six six feet feet apart apart in in no no more more than than groups groups of of ten ten enjoy enjoy

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