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Insight from fox news radio political analyst Josh Chris the country's from home to Michigan Mississippi Missouri North Dakota and Washington all the latest info on all six primary campaign to defeat average means that the P. M. eastern listen live on the fox news M. the pope is taking precautions over the coronavirus sold Francis won't be delivering his next to public blessings in public because of the corona virus which has hit Italy hard the pope will appear on video for the blessings to prevent crowds from gathering the holy father's traditional Sunday blessing from a window over St Peter's square it will now be streamed from the library in the apostolic palace same goes for is Wednesday audience the eighty three year old pontiff is recovering from a cold and steps are being taken at the Vatican to make sure he does not get infected with the virus Christine Persichetti fox news two members of Saudi Arabia's royal family are said to be under arrest for not supporting crown prince Muhammad bin Salman reports linked to two sources say the king's younger brother and the king's nephew were plotting a coup no official comment from Saudi authorities there's new concerns about the environment and it involves the world's tropical rainforests I study finds that tropical forests are losing their ability to absorb some of the carbon dioxide that builds up in the atmosphere causing global warming researchers examined more than three hundred thousand trees in South America and Africa over three decades and they found that the force are taking in about a third less carbon dioxide than in the nineties and by two thousand and thirty five trees near the Amazon River won't absorb any of the gas at all the study was published Wednesday in the scientific journal nature Roger stern fox news hearing mathematician and NASA researcher Catherine Johnson was remembered Saturday Johnson was portrayed in the twenty sixteen film hidden figures about black female aerospace workers more than seven hundred people turned out for her memorial service astronaut Leland Melvin said we can calculate the speed that she's traveling.

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