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In the lower seventies. Right now it's 79 at O'Hare, 70 ated midway 79 under the at the lakefront, mostly sunny skies this morning. And at the DuPage reported 76. Baseball is observing Jackie Robinson Day today. Some teams did yesterday. The players Alliance, a group of black players, including Jason Heyward of the Cubs and Tim Anderson of the White stocks will donate their salaries from Jackie Robinson Day to the alliance to fight racism and how families affected by recent events. The Sox hose Kansas City Tonight you could hear it. It's 6 35. Right here. Cubs play at Cincinnati and Bears Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher drew criticism from former teammate Matt Forte after an Instagram post yesterday calls Urlacher's social Media post about NBA players sitting out quote, void of empathy, compassion, wisdom and coherence but full of pride and ignorance. Traffics brought to you by the Illinois Department of Transportation, a new accident reported in the Hawthorn Woods area at mid Lothian and Gilmer Road. You're travelling on the Eisenhower slow between 25th and Cicero. It's about 35 minutes in from 3 90. The Stevenson backed up from Ashland onto that inbound Dan Ryan ramp and then Ryan is jammed from 31st to Roosevelt. I'm Vicky conclusion from the Idot Traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. You're hearing a lot from athletes taking a stand for social injustice with one athlete San macho Former Bear who's teaming up with Jonathan saves to do something pretty cool in angle would join me on a date. Scientists after.

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