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About cyber security because it seems like every day we hear of some kind of hoc if you're willing more problems in terms of our center security steven shouldn't please chair of global data privacy cyber security practice at white in case that's along title the biggest he is you know bloomberg eleventh yesterday washington correct i am i am i guess along title for a big problem on the court and had the dubai producer as like reading and i'm like what's the title i'm just kidding i think it does go and expendable if if if the problems getting worse on the title have to grow i hope that doesn't happen i'd rather make it sure but that's a good point like cyber security it's not just a few you still lacks places and complete it it's a concern for everybody everything that wanted to that every country at some government agency says week exceeded that's large businesses critical infrastructure and just normal everyday consumers like you know like you and me i mean hit here we are where transmitting through technology that can be jammed of course but we use technology every day and we've crunch relied upon that and businesses are constantly innovating for the better but there's a darkside of course to that that our lines meaning fat that someone takes advantage for ill that a lot really can go wrong pretty quickly what do you make it is is there an increased risk of cyrus three threats if the president elect continues to um doubt what his own intelligence experts tell him are threats coming from nation's to fly question i mean i think that at the largest issue from you know global relationships i would take a step back from that where something's really darted not going to be disputed so um administration and the present elect him so i'm certainly have discussed cyber security is being an issue and it's an unavoidable issue so as as soon as you become the chief executive of every single us you know government agency civilian government agency yasiel pm preached reflected you yourself for administrator you know it minutes trying a large number of servers and then under that as well as the department home obscurity works works with works with the private sector and the yeah that investigators these kinds so the government has a large role in this you were involved in a report that presidential commission enhancing national cyber security and i'm just curious i mean.

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