5 Secrets to Growing Your Ecommerce Sales with Paid Advertising



Super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to a another episode of marketing. School I'm Eric Su and I'm tell- and today we're GonNa talk about the five secrets to growing your e commerce sales and paid advertising all right so the first one we have for you because you're getting paid. Advertising majority of the people won't purchase your product right then in there on a lot of when paid advertising. You're sending them to one product. So what I want you to do is remark all the people who didn't buy and show them what it would be like to buy your product through remarketing video on Youtube. Facebook remarking video. Show what it's like when someone purchases it a good example of this is fab- Lennox by Kate Hudson. She has yoga pants. You'll see on youtube a lot and facebook ads people using the product. This shows people what it's like they would. Your pocket is a great way to generate sales number two. So actually did this the other day. I don't know about you neil. I just bought like a bunch of silver coins just in case so the site. I went to actually out of silver coins. I actually signed up for a product reminder so it could be a text message or it could be an email in. This case was an email when came back in stock. Amelia went and I went to buy a bunch of silver coins. Reminders on product pages. Go a long way and actually did that earlier today to when I was trying to buy something figure out how you can set that up and go from there and a lot of you guys are doing paid outs to your e commerce sites but what. You're not doing this capturing the person if you're out of stock because you're paying for those clicks right so eric just mentioned one way what you can do is use email marketing. You can use push notifications. You can use text messaging. These are always to let people know and remind when it's going out of stock or let's say someone comes to your page and they're about to buy your stock the letting him know you'll have to items available as a great way to encourage them to buy because it's scarcity now if you have a hundred available you wouldn't. WanNa show one hundred and if you have one hundred available you also don't want to show you have to available line but if you only do have one available or two available or nine available low amount show it. It's a great way to increase your conversions. Yeah hopefully you guys have a multichannel attribution setup. Maybe we'll talk about that in another episode but the whole idea. Is You know being able to track all the touch points. People went through before they actually ended up buying a product. What I would say is about how you can use a customer data platform. You know layered on what you're driving paid advertising. You're trying to get more e commerce sales but what if somebody already took your main offer like you have these banners across your website if they took your main offer already then maybe you show them the next offer and then the next offer after the and the next offer but you have to have the data for each customer and so when they visit your website you can show it the next thing right so there's a lot of customer data platforms out there. Hold ON I. Oh that's H. U. L. DOT IO. That's what I use from Abebe perspective but I had a friend Eric. Rivera uses a company called Lennox. That's L. Y. T. I C. S. DOT COM so. Yeah just you know. Try to take advantage of technology if you are spending money on Peyton so he can maximize yeah and The Last Supper I have for you as watch a youtube video called. Ot Oh script by Russell. Brunson that's Ot oh script Russell Brunson in other words. It's a one time offer in the video. He doesn't breakdown ECOMMERCE company but it works on Commerce Justice Wealth C. Paid ads are becoming so expensive. You want ways that allow you to keep competing with the competition. So by having these two up cells right upon checkout and he has a great way to explain how to do. Because if you put on your up sell page thank you complete your purchase. Most people are gonNA closing. You're not gonNA get the upsells breaks on exactly how to do it to keep people on the page and click the offers. It's a great way to maximize your revenue per conversion rate. Increase your average revenue per customer. And once you do that allow you to spend more money on paid advertising compared to your competition which will allow you to dominate your industry than remarkable people through email and then get more repeat purchases but to really spend an arm and a leg on paid advertising. You GotTa have a tight funnel and that includes having multiple

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