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Johnson this is what we are doing here today using a penal colony Israel of god which symbolizes inhumanity every talent pounding on the desk it is where is this guy come from he has a heart he is an old colony he's he's much more to the left and to blossom and he may be our next mayor let's not arrest anybody then I know exactly what they're as I told you yesterday there's this progressive movement on the left land your buddies they don't want jails and they don't want police anymore yeah well we are we are pals they're so busy is this a commentary from Joe yeah we are closing a penal colony the East River this symbolizes in humanity and brutality oh boy here we go all right let's get the news out six thirty from Joel Bartlett one joke morning Michael we got a service action over New Jersey three people dead in this accident happened on interstate eighty in Parsippany two cars collided just after two in the morning the eastbound express lanes they caught fire trapping the victims of medically fourth person was injured another police involved shooting in the Bronx this one has left a man dead cop stopped a driver for not wearing seat belt discovered he had open warrants the chief of department Terrence Monahan says there was a struggle then the suspect end up getting shot we try to drive off it was after call waiting to reverse that the sergeant fired one round from his service weapon striking the mail in the chest it is the third police involved shooting in the last three days White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney says there was no quid pro quo with Ukraine after admitting during a press conference at there was he admitted that the military aid was being withheld unless you crane agreed to investigate corruption in the two thousand sixteen election I have news for everybody get over it there's going to be political influence in foreign policy ours later issued a statement saying that there was no quid pro quo Elaine earlier he said there was well you live on television and off yeah you did Joe now he blamed the media the truth will set you free Joe just letter that he blamed the media for misconstruing his **** all yeah they missed yeah I this story with the M. T. is a little strange here one finding is for is is like another in critical condition they both suffered medical episodes in queens Liam global main was driving alone he suffered a stroke then EMT responded lieutenant Raymond Wong he suffered an aortic aneurysm lost consciousness he now clinging to life the other guy in critical condition our news today brought to you by Gary Goldberg financial services schedule a free consultation by visiting chi G. F. S. dot com Hey don't watch porn in your car in New Jersey even if you're parked a kill I watch porn while you're driving no well your your hand if this you know we offer people watch it and when they're driving against the law of your park if you're park to an appeals court refused to throw out the conviction of an ocean county man was charged with obscenity David law Monto was watching porn on his iPad we was parked outside a fast food restaurant a woman who parked next to him saw the video and heard the moaning all police and he was arrested search of his iPad found that he had been watching porn for four hours that night really yes and he was arrested he's been sentenced to five days in jail and two concurrent one year terms of probation for hours that seems a long time for a movie that with very little plot that's that's longer than the Irishman the double feature so I really well I I don't tell me you do you have the right to I don't know how you do by the way this in the people's court at all I don't yeah I'm doesn't sound right to you should be well because you can buy zero up privacy your own car they the Cordy knowledge he do have the privacy your car but when you people can see and you're in a public place than that yeah right and that that's what they that's what they ruled tinted windows the number of ports are thank all right just called porn windows thanks Joe trumpet is spirited rally in Texas yesterday taking aim at the better will be been pillaging Joe Biden's could stop let's go a lot of love not next not get back this way I got number one for with a catalog of over a quarter million of the best podcast from around the globe I had a radio that lets you follow the party has to know when new episodes droplets you can set your podcast to auto download episodes so you never miss a single one all of it yours and all that for free.

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