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You need to know from the world of entertainment and pop culture heard at the top of every hour on my top one oh seven one seven and what have you learned don't think about selling any bootleg Madonna merge in New York City next month so live nation the company that does all of Madonna's and live shows in Brooklyn they're filing legal documents as a preemptive strike against Lakers attempting to hock improve like Madonna merch nearby the venue livenation once folks attempting to sell unauthorized concert here to be banned at all seventeen shows scheduled in September and October this includes apparel buttons to our books and anything else that might ripoff Madonna's trademarks without permission self if you were thinking about it don't do it we weren't thinking about writing a print shop in LA are. she was making are ours I think you sure live nation is that this rather regardless yeah and so it seems like it is the season of young celebrities eating each other spaces antipathy shall me and lily rose Depp are the latest couple to have a big make out session public the two actors they were at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month and they were taking a little vacation and Capri Italy and conveniently enough on a yacht making out in not a lot of clothing. and will be only as a whole any season he is a man of slight stature and will be able to watch the king on Netflix later this fall at New York fashion week is happening right now in Gigi Hadid and former bachelor star Tyler Cameron are still trying to play quite when it comes to their relationship the to shut up separately at those in data Tommy Hilfiger show at New York fashion week and sources say that they're trying to preserve their relationship without all of the labels and that the D. Cameron have been dating since the summer. Hey this is really care yeah yeah yeah you gotta be somewhat stirs the winter grandmother now exactly. public guys all right that's all the truth is our for more check out my talk when as in one dot com for download by talk out. I just did some dirt thank you I talked to her to learn at the top of every hour and eight twenty twelve twenty and five twenty on my top one of seven one. the lorry. every. thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. what was I going to tell you about yes what is available via listener rewards..

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