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Mhm. Yeah, And I think one of the things that I don't know if there's a journalist or someone previously mentioned, um, I think the journalists did. The OSHA fines are very minimus. And again, they can always appeal them. And I've always seen because OSHA compliant. I've been a safety professional for 20 years. Um, OSHA fines are minimus and they can be easily thought. Um, you know, 20th that 40,000. That sounds like a lot from OSHA actually, because they're really slaps on the wrist. They have very, you know, they have poor enforcement capability. And I agree that there needs to be more done to that and enforcement capability of ocean. Maybe the D O B as well. Um, but yes, that's unacceptable. I agree. Michelle and and built Mauricio. Anything for David before we move on. Well, it's something that Roger mentioned about non union and union work sides. It's an irony that we're talking about a building on Fifth Avenue that it's going to sell one of the most expensive And houses in the history of New York City, and they were using non union labor and it was a company guild bein that it's you know, founded by millionaires run by millionaires. Um so yeah, this is this is this is what we see every day. You know, the very luxurious We'll stay developers in New York using this kind of labor. Um yeah, risking their lives every day. David. Thank you very much for your call. We really appreciate your perspective on this from the job that you do and drive safe out there, and this is W N Y C F M h d N A M New York. W N J T FM 88.1 Trenton W N J P 88.5, Sussex W N J Y 89.3. NET Kong and W. N. J 0 90.3 times, However,.

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