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From peter with saraf group how do you extrapolate met adherence from sensors will you build support assets for patients doctors to understand data or deliver the raw data yeah very good good question so i at coming from the physician seidel answer that physicians don't want the raw data they wanted this is important information to really understand and get that missing link know how their child's been doing we have a onepage summary for the physician the patient can download it can be facts to them good old all school medicine that will that were in it can be brought printed out it can be sent through that so we don't have to do integration with each are we can give a summary that physicians wants and now forgetting other question that's good enough let's get a final question from the live audience more a two questions one built on at like do you have enough data to convince customers do a bike the device that's one question and the second is why did you decide to put on the bed instead of a wearable fits measuring griqua hinault yeah absolutely so y you know wearable is not completely passive you have to charge it you have to choose to put it on you miss a lot of data and in something like this with asthma it comes and goes and when you're stopping take your medication your stopping doing all of those other things including wearing a wearable that gives you that information is exactly when you need to be getting information so we felt it was essential that are something passive that was always monitoring all you have to do a sleep in your bed.

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