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No matter what that's messianic. Right. And you know, when you think about the personality types, right? I mean process as far as I can answer teen a practical, man. I mean is the reason why his nickname was the professor like his goal was to win as much as I can it still probabilistic and we play I want victory. I want. I want the fame and fortune that comes along with it and forgot I want to survive it right because there's a whole bunch of things to do afterwards. And you know, that mentality running up against a messianic meaning to like everything right to every qualify in every practice session. Every. Let alone every race. They were so different that I think it was almost impossible that they weren't going to clash in ways that became deeply personal. But when you take them out of that crucible, right that these were people that ultimately, I think had deep respect for the differences in them. I mean, I think in ways maybe one might say prosecutive used a little bit of Senate and Seneca useful of prostate. But they were oil and water. They wouldn't make you know, Frank Williams from the day. He I saw Senna always wanted him on his team. And the reason it took until nineteen ninety four was because PROST was there and PROST had a clause in his contract that said I will never be on the same team as Senate. Yeah. So he had to wait for pros to retire to leave McLaren by which Frank Williams me my understanding. And from what I've read is. You know that that Frank Williams loved pitting people against one another right? I mean how did? I think the most exciting person I ever watched drive. I do think is Nigel Mansell. And you look at Manson was considered kind of second rate. Right. He was you know at a time there were ones and twos. You know, he was the to Andretti. And I think he was a too. To PK fit of Paul into as well when Frank Williams had him as the two PK that was because we'll PK was the acknowledge number one. But it wasn't mantle was saying. Oh god. No, right. And Williams wasn't the kind to say, look you. Over to write us, a kind of your starting number two. But you want to be number one, you know, improve it and part of peak as kind of denigration, I think, you know, his haughty condescension to Mansell is part of infuriated him, you know. And and I think made him really among the greatest of the greats. I mean, you watch I believe it's Mexico City watch Mansell pass burger on the outside like mass with things with impossible aggression. And I think Senator said at one point that they asked him I could do you worry when you see someone in your river. Mariners person you worried about was Manso because he's content to go over. You can't go around you. I mean, that's a powerful statement coming from Santa and part of what did that was? I think the infuriating of being the number two to a condescending number one wanting to trounce him. That's why that era. I mean my God. Like, it's just unbelievable to me to go back, and I get honesty. It sounds awful say this. But but I much prefer. Enjoying enjoy watching races from that area. Then even watching races today, which isn't decide on enjoy racist today. And I think this year with Mercedes and Ferrari both being so close it's actually quite exciting again at for. I think Formula one is had a few years of really uninteresting racing because so much of as you said so much mechanical so much of it is in the car now in less of it's in the driver, but you know, back then you really got to see the difference. Yeah. I think that that was an era when the force of personality, he think about the difference in personalities of Senate, prostate and Mansell I but whether the other ever stronger personalities on the face of the planet and the force of personality could lead to seemingly impossible things. And from my perspective that was incredibly exciting to watch. What what is the limit of human potential in this arena, where human potential in terms of physical? Kamina cognitive ability reflexes, the kind of things that that we most respect in people in terms of being able to do incredible things..

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