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And direct with limited or no commercial interruptions from our hollman beautiful gluck stat mississippi to wear you find podcasts with your hosts. The quarter ton of writing on those cycling good citizens the boy scouts who never heard a discouraging word jimbo rarely and kelvin jones. Remember friends these to a quarter of a ton so you don't have to take they get away boys. Okay welcome back everybody to the encouragement ride podcast. We are now on the eighth. Episode numbered zero zero seven even today. We're gonna talk about different types of bikes and some excerpts from a video that we posted on our facebook page kelvin. How're you doing brother. Did you say today is episode zero zero seven yes. I'm such a bond freak. I love line from goldfinger and i'll make it bike related. Do you expect pick me to walk. No mr bond. I expect you to ride. Would you like your change's. Sake it or stern change. They can or third horrible horrible. Oh gosh let me some bind. Thank you for the editing software and we got a mistake from our last episode. We had a special so shout out to mr chris williams. Mr chris williams didn't write anything it was charlie williams charge already sorry charlie <hes> but no charlie thank. Thank you again so much for the for the review. We appreciate it. Sorry we screwed up but <hes> chris williams. Y'all was one. You're still doing rubino when abu abby absolutely all right sports fans well. We're gonna talk about different types of bikes today and i'm not talking about the big ones little ones. We're going to talk about different types of bikes that you you have access to in. Some of you may have several these kind as a matter of fact. I'm get two of them and i'll let you all kind of decide which tea you think i've got but we're gonna talk about different types to bike different kinds of writing styles now like in the previous episode like the personalities but different types of things that you might feel comfortable with one size doesn't fit all i'm. I'm sorry to interrupt yeah 'cause jimbo. We ride road bikes and that's kind of like what we talked about. Eighty percent but many of you who may be listening may not be a road by i didn't road bikes may not be for you. You may have a hybrid. You may have a mountain bike whenever we're just gonna briefly talk about that just a minute yeah so we're gonna talk about different types of bikes and you know this kind of like cars. You got big sedans little sedans as she as she you know trucks trucks. That kind of stuff in in bikes can accommodate ciller categories but they usually have two wheels. Some of them have rate some have one but we ride that but but what about just different bikes have on these them out like when i first very very first got back into cycling some eighteen years ago because that's how my daughter is as i bought them out like in a rudder around my neighborhood i used it like a robot but it was just a big heavy track that i still love off to this day but i've gone into some trouble writing and a little bit of gravel righty. We'll talk about specific bikes for that but you know for folks who are in areas is that maybe the traffic's a little heavy in you want to get off the beaten path a little bit and get awesome dirt roads. A mountain bike is wonderful option. I cannot encourage enough then my goal. This year was to three thousand miles over off and eight hundred of those miles. I wanna do off of asphalt why eight hundred just as a number two to have a if you don't have a goal you always in it ain't nothing you'll hit it every time every time and his louis resorts at aim low boys deriving shetland pony missouri so mountain biking road biking. You're my to my to go to and calvin. We'll talk about maybe some hybrids yeah back in about two thousand and nine two thousand and ten when i gave up running believe it or not this big old boy of mine <hes> that you're listening to us to actually do marathons and half marathons and my feet just kind of gave out so i said i've got to get on a bike and take some pressure off my feet. Well i pulled out the old trek. Eric hybrid in a hybrid is kinda like a bike with like a straight handlebars across the honest. Not it can go on the road. If you hit some gravel it can kinda golden gravel or less when they call it a hybrid. It's a mix between the two and <hes> it's a comfort by it's a hybrid comfort bike and i had one of those the first time i went out. I think i took it. Maybe eighty four miles. That was my first ride in like thirty years. Perhaps <hes> but <hes> like i said in earlier thing i felt like i was gonna donate along uh-huh but <hes> i was able to get through that and i fell in love with biking because the four miles that i did. I was under this lush canopy of trees. It was shady so nobody body around going by little horse pasture just a beautiful thing and i just fell in love with nature again and being out on the road by myself and enjoying the sights and the smells <hes> while allows penalty so yeah. I've got a special always have a special place in my heart for the hybrid or the comfort bike and many of you out. There may have one of those that's fine. If that's all you want to do that. That's that's great because i'm all about comfort absolutely and in what's kind of cool is that the <hes> hybrid bike is really good for like family trips. They're they're heavy bikes which means you're going to be fairly stable but they're not so heavy that you can't control says they're going to be easy to go with the wheels or narrow you can go about as fast as you want to go and if you're a you're just going to go back to zero episode zero zero six if you have questions about the gearing and the in the brakes and everything on lease comfort bikes trini bikes that we talked about going back and listen two zero zero six the bite that kelvin i spend most of our time on is that road bike road bike has that classic drop handlebar a bar curl own ver- very thin <hes> some cases very light but it's the wispy frame with the big wheels and funky guys wearing earn tight shorts and or as we call mammals where middle aged men in lycra there you go <hes> yeah so i mean some of these robots can be steel-framed. They can be aluminum menam frame. They can be carbon fiber framed or even. I guess maybe titanium titanium was out there at my favorite bike. I've got an old candidate. That's an old aluminum frame and and got to get got to get back up to road worthiness but absolutely my favorite bike when you start getting into the different road bikes you'd like kevin said you've got different options option steel aluminum fiber titanium certain degree and they all come with different price points <hes> but i will tell you this the heavier the bike the more comfortable the ride when i ride my aluminum bike i feel less but when i'm on that when i'm on my carbon black i can feel every single crackle and it's tough sometimes for or as big boy sometimes awesome bumpy roads <hes> you're. You're getting beat up from the feta. I've had to check make sure my feelings are still in my mouth and then we get into to what we call the rolling couches and these were for our friends that ride the <hes> the recumbent bikes and the pricing some leaves are like little actually they're not little. They're actually very big there long but they're bike statue. Don't traditionally sit in sit on you. Sit in those sites. I called him. No writers me. They are low riders and i kind of laughed. I got a couple of guys go by me in their head comes up to about my hip <hes> to make sure i don't you know squirting water bottle in the wrong direction. You might take somebody yup but these come in two in three will around these trikes and some of the folks that ride with us that ride those had either a back problem or an issue he was sitting in the saddle for long periods of time and this is a great great alternative. They're great on the flats and a great downhill but sometimes had a little trouble going up. I had a friend of mine in who is in the medical field. He wrote a road bike for many many years and then all of a sudden he had some issues with his neck and the his doctor told him that you know one fall off road road biking could be possibly injured for light simply because of the way his neck shape was so that forced him to get off the road bike in all he does now's recumbents and he loves them. A low dosage kind of one of those deals is folks who like you know certain craft beers. You may not like beer but they like to craft beer folks. Who do the recumbent arm. Recumbent guys is and that's fine. They're hard draft sometimes but very great way. If you want to get into cycling not worry about falling far yeah. That's a good one and actually i can't recall the article that i'm talking about now but i did read something somewhere. I promise idea if there's only internet it had to be truth that car can actually actually see a recumbent rider better than they can see an upright writer because your back is more towards the cards that have leaned forward in a in a stance colder yeah so that's more area yeah a little bit more area so now i love that you know they. They shouldn't have a problem senior i because they wonder where <music> omar the tent maker has been well. The next one is kind of the new new bike on the up and coming. It's the hot nothing coming. There's races out there. It's the cyclocross bike and some people use that as a gravel by where people just want to get out and do they'll they'll ride trails on this in a given idea what they look like they look like regular road bike but sometimes little more substantially built and he's got knobby tires yep they got wider thicker tyres with a wider therefore to hold the tires but for the most part ninety percent of the bike resembles a road bike almost to the point you can get your mountain bike out there and do that <hes> with the big mountain on bike tires. You are going to be a little bit slower. We'll take that for every mile that you do on a road bike if you're out there on a mountain bike gravel roads at two miles so if i do ten ten miles on a road bike i felt like i did twenty on the gravel bike but you know that's why they make specific gravel bikes to make that easier but we'll tell you if your gun shy about about being out in traffic gravel bikes are cyclocross. Bikes are the way to go because you don't have a lot of cars not at all not not at all and it is fun to go out there and get lost now. The problem with that is sometimes. He's grabbing rose. Go out in the middle of nowhere so if you have probably better he better make sure somebody who knows where you're at and if you hear banjo music peddle faster fountain brown and the last one we're going to kind of talk about today is going to be the the tandem bikes and the tandem bikes the bicycle built for two and those are becoming more popular we in our area in madison county mississippi. There's actually tandel bike festival of just a few weeks ago and it was a you know all of the united people think they had thirty two state each represented a few countries and is also a wine tasting involved with that long road absolutely <hes> but yeah the tandem bikes are are becoming just as as high falutin as the more modern road bikes and harbert. They gear shifts there. They're made of fibre. They're they're just good good. Good fun stuff in the final. We want to talk about are the cruisers. Oh yeah you may explain these outweigh. If you live near a coast and you go to to the beach fix in fix skis yeah well we the city. The city bikes has what they call fixes. I don't know really what that means but eight years they have fixed years like you don't have you don't have them where they show cruisers. You've probably seen an basket in front of you. See you see jimmy buffet type guy with the with the deep dark tan flipflops <hes> just kind of going about three miles an hour down the sidewalk in front of the beach enjoying life. Sometimes i envy those guys because i have to go back to work but those are cruiser bikes to those good. Those are pretty much work anywhere as well. A lot of us probably started on some sort.

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