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Prose If you're interested The Red Cross says its website. Has Mohr info is they need people who can do two weeks tense between now and December. 1st Matt Reese News radio 700 WLW governor says he's deeply concerned by what he's seeing Corona virus cases surging at 18 of Ohio's 88. Callie's now are in the red. You look at those numbers is a gut punch. Ah, it just Yeah, I'm very, very concerned about this. Governor says most of the new cases of being linked to mass gatherings for weddings or funerals. Is also worried about kids back in class. Theo kills schools are going back to a blended learning plan because heavily Callie was in the red for the second straight week in the face of the pandemic, Northern Kentucky University of simplifying its admissions process and K you the latest university, announcing its eliminating standardized test scores is a way to determine Who gets into the school Nobel Prize Committee says the pandemic has made the hunger problem around the world worse. That's why they're giving this year's peace prize to an organisation has been feeding the needy. Last year. The W F P Provided assistance to close to one million people in 88 countries who are victims of acute food insecurity and hunger. On Wall Street. Stock prices expected ahead, Hira the opening bell will have the opening numbers down NASDAQ in our news Coming up at 9 30 on Brian comes news Radio seven W If you think hard work should be rewarded, if you think the school should support you, academically and financially and if you think higher education shouldn't have to mean high costs. Enter Strayer as a pioneer in online education..

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