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Morning northline sounder rail is cancelled due to a mudslide you'll have to make a bus arrangements tomorrow morning and high wind warning is in place for the tacoma narrows bridge at this time your next report at eleven forty four i'm jay phillips on komo news shannon o'donnell has the forecast dare everybody we we are looking at a damp monday night what else is new right it's been a really soggy month of april from start to point so far where over three times our normal rainfall amount for this point in the month so far and more on the way overnight rain at times on tuesday but some sun breaks break in between the scattered showers so they become fewer in number anyway highs tomorrow should finally start cracking the low fifties more routinely wednesday looks nearly all the way dry and then by thursday partly to mostly sunny skies highs in the low sixties we will have earned it by them in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon donald sour forty five degrees this april's been a wet one as we just heard with only four dry days so far this month when that happens chances of landslides goes way up there some warning signs that we should all pay attention to komo's suzanne phan joins us from the scene of a recent mudslide north seattle along the burke gilman trail and there's a big huge chunk of came squatting down his twenty years living here jim has never seen a slight this law large or this close to hollywood slopped over the houses neither as nancy andrus there's a lot of mud everywhere debris from saturday's mudslide has been cleared away but you can still see all the splatter on nearby garages on saturday the entire hillside gave way and toppled right onto the burke gilman trail near lakeside place northeast fortunately no one was hurt runner ken laughlin had to take a slight detour during his run right after the sign whenever it rains this hard i can expect a few slides saturday was one of the wettest days on record that was pretty wet geologists say the wet soil could be enough to trigger a land flight or two and there was one on the railroad tracks just south of everett b nsf spokesman says the.

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