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To the kids your game. You're, you're men playing the game for kids and you're in the kids. I, yeah, I haven't heard PSA. I liked this take. Yeah, clear it out before Halloween, and I'm sorry, just get it down by Halloween. You know what? I always October thirty first. Yeah, I'm with you. I'm with you. I'm not into November baseball. Right? So I'm thank I. I am. I am with. We do agree. Okay. Let's such fingers like ET we'll do. Knuckle? Okay. All right. What's next Kef doing at number three number three Heffer meant ooh, aah, revenge story centering on a young mother who finds herself with nothing to lose and is now going to take from her enemy enemy's vary life. They stole from now. This is Jennifer garner. I'm seeing parallels here between this in her real life. She is a young mother who finds herself with nothing to lose, and we know Ben's been hitting the bottle and she she had to get them off the booze. Yeah, that that makes you these movies that come out. You see Jen garner everywhere. You're seeing all this stuff and then the movie comes out. It's like, it's you think it's like all related related. Yeah, yeah, it's all synchronicity, but people they seem to like Jennifer garner, you know, she's got a good track record, and this is kind of something that's a little out of something different, right. Yeah. This is a lot like, I think is the. Executive producer of taken the Liam Neeson's different. Yeah, it's pretty similar, but the critics give it fourteen percent. The owning audience gives it eighty two though it come on what's going on there. Yeah, but that's not right. That's a big discrepancy. Okay. All I can think of that happened. There was they went and did a poll. Do you like Jennifer Gardner an eighty? Two percent of people said, yes, there's no way eighty. Two percents saw the movie, loved it, and then that's never happened. Then critics just slam it. I've never seen a spread that wide. So what are how are the reviews are peop- do people like it? What the critics said. It's terrible, but then maybe they did a audience poll at a screening and said, what do you think about I? There's no way there could be spread like that, but there's a lot of female action movies out there right now with female leads. Are there have been right? There's been wonder woman. There's been tomb raider. Or eight. There's been. So it's not like it's not like a shock to see a girl, and it's just it's kinda cool, but she's like, it's pretty violent though. Right? Shootings are guns and punching in that sort of thing. This women have been doing that movies for decades. So they have been wow. I mean, you ever see a movie. What's your character's name of their Patty? Peppermint. Patty. This New Yorker headlines, brutal, peppermint reviewed Jennifer garner stars in an ignorant, racist drug, trade revenge film. See it. Hey, if this is playing at a AMC shoutout to AMC they do a great job over there. If this plan over there, I'll take you to see it peppermint..

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