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So again, it's all crap. Shoot. Right? Look at Auto Ottawa after trading Allison and stone all these guys like this seems going to be the dumpster for a while and they're not good. But look at their kind of pool of young players and it's pretty good. So it is but yeah times I've got a fun young Court kind of build around the same as the Kings who got a whole bunch of younger players as well to look pretty good. So it's going to be a few rough years on the west coast for hockey but seems like they're at least all those teams are or maybe not the Sharks. I think it really screwed for a while that some of those deals they had are really bad, but we have John Leonard Maria Ferrara, they'll be fun. Big'o big'o. They're going to be home pieces the next they actually been going pretty well, right. They have been yeah, they they go but yeah you go but as a whole a few more years for the West Coast, but they're they're on their way back home. No, and that's a good thing to see I love dachshunds on the west coast. I've causes in California who we're like big Ducks fans Die Hard Ducks fans. So they they they really want the doctor to come back and that's why the Ducks one of my favorite jeans. Okay, cause they're cool team though Scott by the way, Scott niedermayer days stronger. Those were fun bar stock seems that those those teams were right. I always loved the the the story that Brian Burke told of how the Ducks desperately wanted Joe Thornton home. Anyways, you said like I'll protect Five Guys you can have whatever you want of the rest and you probably could have got like gets table or Perry or who who who else was on that team. That was young Bobby Egan was was young and good back then and defenseman. I think well Chris Kunitz was he on that team sucked he was on because I think everyone wrote a story after that break and she came out where it was. He looked at the the Ross, you know, God like why nasty guys, but they definitely had a whole bunch of guys that if the Bruins wage Struck a deal they would have they would have snagged so instead they got Marco Sturm Wayne primeau and Brad Stuart 3 and well Storm was good. Actually, I'll give I'll give him a check on Star but yeah primo and took the bread store. So much. But at any rate that has been today is poke the bear Connor. Is there anything that you'd like to plug before we leave? Yeah, we're going to be looking at a few more trade scenarios. Let's talk about today with mom always might do a deeper dive. I'm just kind of their situation and who else besides gallon they could be looking at targeting if that's a team that really wants to start a fire sale. So we'll have all that over at need to subscribe over Boston Sports channel, They're going to follow me on Twitter. You can add Conor Ryan underscore 93 or do all that and I've ever met off so you can see all this media. That's kind of ride of Boston Sports Journal. This is a phone number so 36. Have a great rest of your.

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