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Was I think maybe the biggest media case I think in the world now like this case was just such a crazy media sensation Variety it was billed. You know back in nineteen started. I think in nineteen October or November of nineteen ninety before in October nine hundred ninety five so it carried on for eleven months and it was billed as the crime of the century and was almost like a professional sporting match like the prosecution the State of California versus the Dream Team. It's almost like the Lakers. And the Knicks. Were playing a basketball game and the promotion was endless or coverage of the OJ Simpson case and So actually I was doing sometime on Sundays double duty. I would do Colin Ferguson. In the morning and then in the later afternoon and evening do commentary on the O. J. Simpson case. So what do you remember about commentating on the o? J. Simpson case will the Oj Simpson case obviously had many different issues? Involved in that case and quite frankly as a prosecutor. I thought that the Prosecution Team Marcia Clark Christopher Darden Bill Hodgman who are all experienced prosecutors had a pretty good case I mean. They had a bloody glove that the crime scene. They had a bloody glove back at. Oj Simpson's residence. They had blood on his socks blood on his Bronco. They had a motive in the case. You know he was a jealous ex husband. She was victim of domestic violence. And you know of course. Everybody remembers that the two victims in this case Nicole Brown Simpson. Who was once married to? Oj and mother of their two children had reported on several occasions that OJ. Simpson had abused her. And Ron Goldman. Who was a waiter at a restaurant unfortunately ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time by returning a pair of eyeglasses that Nicole Brown Simpson had left at the restaurant where he worked and they were brutally murdered. It was a murder murders that we're committed which surely indicated that they were done with savagery and within ten so. I always thought that the prosecution had a great case the piece together to prove that. Oj Simpson was guilty. Now you have to remember that in this case this was one of the first big cases with the use of DNA and DNA matched various samples Nicole Brown Simpson to evidence connecting to Oj Simpson. But it also was subject to attack in the case as being contaminated or corrupted or planted at his as evidence by law enforcement. And that's what the defense hammered at during the course of this entire trial right. I mean it's it's it's obviously one of the most famous cases of all time when most interesting ones and I love the portrayal of it on heavy watched the people vs Oj the American Crime Story. Your yeah have and the they did a pretty good job Portraying all of the characters. Because you know really you did have a cast of characters. You had a very hard driven prosecutor Marcia Clark yet. Christopher Darden who is an younger prosecutor who you know Idealized and believed in the prosecution of this case and then you had the Dream Team of lawyers on the other side. Initially Robert Shapiro headed the defense team. But then ultimately Johnny Cochran headed the defense team and moved in the position of the leadership role of the defense. But don't forget you also had F Lee Bailey Alan Dershowitz.

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