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And how to create what you desire to chief predictable results and create a content life wherever you are and tear your host kathy tate and daisy pop and hello everybody and welcome to another episode of bold and blunt mindset evolution. I'm your host from dan on that. Cassie tight to bode warrior and wish me as a wise is at hurst from florida ks. Hi daisy hi. Cathy of my different and podcast partner. It's so good to see you. Good to hear you and i'm so excited to record another episode and i'm sitting on pins and needles so often when we record because you're going to throw topic at me and that's okay i am daisy and i've got to g c one for six quake. Oh juicy juicy. Yes very interesting especially for me. Because i've spent most of my life trying to figure out how men work and haven't answer. I talk about it. Let's talk about the differences between men and women and the brian spang wide. Different behaviors been quite different. Well i would not even say that. This is juicy. I would say this is huge. I think this is quite a challenge to fit into one episode. I do believe this is a one week workshop boot camp somewhere but i will do my best and well okay fine so you were trying to figure out how men work. So what were you interested in about. Or what did you ask yourself as a single lady is. I think going into dating armed with as much information as possible is a smart move out. Okay well before you start getting into the dating or into that scene of dating. I highly suggest but you already did that but really get familiar with the formula for finding true love because that really prevents from heartaches and headaches and stomach pain and oh i can't take it anymore. I can't stomach it. Physically biologically truly so that is one thing but then knowing more about the other gender i think is a very smart thing to inquire because the more we know the easier it becomes to maybe build bridges. But let me tell you something that might shock you. Men and women actually are incompatible down. Now i shocked you. I knew it. She's got me speechless. I can't say i'm shocked because suit will explain a lot. I think that there are things that we can learn to enable a better compatibility that rush yes men and women are little bit like if p c and two macintosh. They're just not compatible but they've means also that we consciously can build connection which is not easy. I'm not saying it's easy. I'm saying it's worthwhile and when we can see that there are aspects of. Pc can do much better than a mac. And then there are other aspects that men do better. And let's say the two would appreciate one another's aspects and maybe we could then start realizing that we perceive reality differently than it becomes possible to exchange how we perceive the world and share these perceptions and then we can build bridges so understanding can.

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