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This Friday, and of course, our big story that's been reverberating across the sports landscape has to do with the Washington Post report from yesterday where fifteen women who previously worked for the team have alleged sexual harassment and verbal abuse by scouts and members of Daniel Steiner's inner circle. Now Daniel. Snyder was not accused directly of any wrongdoing, nor was Bruce Allen is former GM. Snyder was asked multiple times by the post to comment about the story and every time he refused, he did release a statement. Saying quote, the behavior described in yesterday's Washington Post article has no place in our franchise society. The story has strengthened my commitment to setting a new culture in standard for our team, a process that began with the hiring of coach Ron Rivera earlier this year. Of course, this was a story that dominated I. Take this on ESPN Dominic. Foxworth and Damien woody were our host, and both of them gave their reaction to everything that has thus far unfolded in Washington. They do need to get it right, but we have no reason to believe that they will get it right. They have a kind of a long history in that franchise. Some of it is rumor, and some of it or things that actually have been reported and seem to be fact then you can go all the way back to the story as written in two thousand eighteen about the twenty thirteen trip that the cheerleaders took to Costa, Rica where they had the cheerleaders taking part in topless photo shoots, and they allowed people who paid for sweets to walk around and view the cheerleaders during that process. Reported that they stood up to create barricades so that the the suite holders couldn't see their teammates out there without their clothes on, and then at the end of that process, they also allowed the suite holders to select from the group of teachers, the ones that they wanted to escort them to a party and they did all this after taking the passport away from. From their cheerleaders that was in two, thousand, thirteen, reported in twenty, eight hundred, and then you can just go back to last year. Where there was forty employees, they left because they. They cited issues with the culture that they had there. We can go back to the mismanagement of Trent Williams injury. which I know doesn't fit into this theme, but it is also a series. Evidence of mismanagement, and then we have this come out, we come out. We have this come out yesterday, which is also incredibly embarrassing and disappointing, so I agree with Adam that punishment, taking draft picks, or finding them to me feels empty and irrelevant but I the question I have for for him, and for for anybody else. Frankly, is there conversation about Dan Snyder future in who is actually going to fix this because Dan Snyder has demonstrated that he is incapable. Incapable of fixing this problem, he may be part of the problem and Ron Rivera a football coach. Stop it if you think that Ron. Rivera is GonNa fix this? He's a football coach and we shouldn't ask him to fix. This is not a responsibility. He has no ability to do so. We have no reason to believe that he's capable of doing so so I hope Dan Snyder speaks at some point. I'm interested to hear what would have to say about it. Well Listen I. Think first of all from a macro level. This is something that women in generally in sports at the deal with a quite some time, and we're not just talking about the national football league, but sports in general so. I applaud all the women that in forward in the Washington Post article to really tell their story about what's been going on with the Washington franchise acquired some time. We've heard the stories and dominic you. You referenced him talking about the cheerleader, a cheerleader incident you know in in Costa Rica I believe the aboard behavior down there, and then obviously the story that I just dropped yesterday from the Washington Post in a toxic environment with the Washington Redskins, and you know when you think about it anytime, we anytime you talk about a toxic environment, a workplace culture that is just this horrible. Is usually because of toxic management, and and that's really been a theme offer the Washington Franchise for quite some time for years now have they been putting back on the field, but behind behind the scenes of behind the walls of the franchise has been terrible behavioral. That's been going on all levels whether it's management scouting coaching. In all levels in the one thing that you would like to see as you would like to see the face of the franchise, the number one person could no one hundred, and that would be the owner. Dan Snyder step forward by Mark Cuban. Day with the Dallas cowboys when they had a incident. Is You know alleged incidents is brought forward with the with the Dallas Mavericks? Mark Cuban came straight out and said you know what this the buck stops and starts with meet He put forward a plan to try to remedy the situation we to see anything like that from Dan Snyder as far as this topic and many other topics come on come up with the Washington Washington franchise.

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