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Miles per hour at times. If you're going to central say all along that that cold front that line? That's what we're gonna be seeing as we roll into a Friday, then a little bit of a cool off through the weekend. They have a great weekend helps you back next week. Thanks for hanging out with his it is America's trucking network. This is NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w news, traffic and weather. News Radio seven hundred w ELL Cincinnati. The battle over the policy continues. But it does start today with the five o'clock report. Rick chino, opponents of the new rules, including members of congress say it could cost a number of recruits in a time when less people are willing to serve the Pentagon's new transgender policy. Does take affect today? The Pentagon allowed transgender men and women to openly serve in the military. Now, two years later, the president has ordered that for the most part they cannot beginning. Now, the new rule effectively bars transgender troops and recruits from transitioning to another sex and would require most people to serve in their birth gender. Civil rights groups are still challenging the rule. Andy Field ABC news. Now, the latest traffic and weather together highways are accident free at this hour but road construction does have one lane of the southbound seventy one ramp to third street blocked for about another hour. Also the right lane. Southbound seventy five at the Norwood lateral is closed until six AM this morning due to manhole repairs now the latest forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center. We moving your fear of seeing the dentist with the help of IV sedation. Learn more at no fear death is dot com. Rain early on today skies gradually clear out for the afternoon. It will be breezy today with a high of sixty eight fair and cooler tonight, you're low down into the mid forties. Partly cloudy to start your weekend on Saturday with highs in the mid sixties. It's sixty eight degrees right now. News service of Wedeman lawn care lawyers with the ACLU or saying they will file a lawsuit against Ohio's new abortion law. Ohio governor Mike dewine signed the Bill into law on Thursday afternoon..

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