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Down Again Pac L. floors third time. How HAS OUT TO TIM? Most sports fans know many pack. Yao as one of the greatest professional boxers of all time he's won twelve major titles in eight weight divisions. What else is known for well right now? Manny Pacquiao is known as one of twenty four senators in the country of the Philippines. He is also not incidentally considered the front runner to succeed Rodrigue Oh do Turkey as president in the next election in two thousand twenty two. So he's got a lot going on. He's still boxing. When the Senate is not in session you know he could end up being perhaps the most powerful athlete in the world so I want to be clear. He is a legitimate candidate to be the next president of the Philippines. Yes like no joke. Not only candidate but front runner. I think that would be safe to say his popularity. Obviously his name appeal puts him above almost anyone else. I mean the only person that is considered a possible. Contender is Sarah detail. Who IS PRESIDENT? Rodrigo duterte taste daughter but two years ago. Rodriguez do tae endorsed Manny for the job. I asked me Rome precedent to be lending Gill Tim. You spent a week in the Philippines with Manny. Who gave you incredible access? What did you see while you were there spending time with them? I spent a lot of time with him at his house. Mostly watching him play chess with his friends and I also mean got to watch him at his job. His his job in the Philippines on on the Senate floor spent two days watching sessions there and saw him interact with other senators and got to see him. Go through the Monday daily business of Filipino politics. Well what is the current state of politics in the Philippines? Right now tim. Well I think the overriding state of Filipino. Politics is Rodriguez territory nicknamed the punisher Rodrigo. Taddei is a holly writing former city. Mayor who speaks his mind made my country. I only answer beautifully. I will not answer to amy other Bush. It's almost impossible to discuss. The State of politics in the Philippines without first discussing do taste drug war. The Philippine leader has faced harsh criticism for launching a bloody drug war in his country over the past year. Thousands of people have been killed in the brutal crackdown. Cbs News now. The drug issue in the Philippines is is massive. Twenty million people subsist on a dollar twenty five or less per day. The poverty has led so many people to resort to drugs out of hopelessness. It has affected so many people both the consumption of drugs and the trafficking of drugs. What detail has done is he has created. Essentially a lawlessness is sort of martial law. Unofficially in in Manila where people are killed just for being drug traffickers or being drug users. He has just come in and said he's going to have no tolerance for it and it has resulted in vigilante killings it's state sponsored killings so instead of dealing with it in more humanitarian terms. They've decided to deal with it in very draconian terms and I think that is the appeal of duty is that he's strong in that he protects everyone. And you're not GONNA have to be worried about this anymore. How have humanitarian groups are other governments looked at as drug war well? They've they've looked at it with with Shaq and in some cases rage. I think they feel that. It's a war on poor people. They feel that it is outside of due process that is created a vigilante system where people can kill their neighbors and just say the person is is a drug dealer and there's not any repercussions for that it still remains popular. It remains popular because in large part to charity has used his rhetoric to convince people that it should be popular and these extreme measures are the only ways to.

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