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That is that you know because I know I'm I'm not saying you get killed like you might end up with a baseball bat to your fucking dome and your garage or when you're not expecting it. You know what I mean. No I I think and again you know. It's it's obviously clearly we're not glorifying. The mob or organized crime. But I think what's really interesting about this movie in the end the culture that portrays is that you have people doing some pretty horrible things but there is sort of a code that you don't break doc. You know a code of honor that you don't break there's an integrity involved keeping your promises. You know handshake that sort of thing. being honest with each other. So it's kind of weird because you know you think about the different things that organized crime or you think about even even some of the gangs even in the middle of all of that stuff that we would not agree with. There's some sort of note of honor and it's really fascinating to me dude. I it's a fascinating aspect of human life. You know that you can have a bunch of people who are otherwise doing things. Well not everything that doing was bad. Dude I think it's biblical if you WanNa really talk about it because what it is is is you know people are GonNa be like what the fuck do you let me. Let me fuck and explain here. Jesus before I start before you start getting pissed off all right look look you call me. Jesus no I'm talking to every else who's going to do the same the same kind of podcast. Give a fuck what you think right. That was the old show all right so it's biblical Dude Right. You have a standard code that you live by and when you violate but that code bad things happen to you. That is the essence of the Bible. Right you look look listen. It's an ideal. It's a set of ideals a set of use of of beliefs of rules so to speak that are imposed upon a certain culture to maintain order that is essentially what the mob is. It's the same thing. Okay now. People are saying well fuck you pay the Bible the mob. I'm not comparing them. I'm saying they're structured similarly right right right so we're talking about you. Know a code that is enforced by the threat of bad shit and it keeps people aligned. That's that's that's the reason we have so much disorder in society. Right now is because there's no fucking fear that spat shit's going to happen. You know so when we get someone who commits one of these school shootings or one of these mass murders. The motherfucker may not even go to fucking death row. You don't saying Dude you want or man you gotTa fuck a take that motherfucker. You GotTa make sure he's the right motherfucker but when you know that he is you gotta film of this dude pulling the trigger or whatever we did that do should be executed in like thirty days. You know dude due process make sure it's the right guy. DNA evidence says is this right. Physical evidence says this right witnesses blah blah blah. I understand there's exceptions. I understand exceptions. But if you've got hard proof roof to someone did something they need to be made an example of so that the rest of the people don't think that there because what's happening now. Is People think that if they get caught doing something that it's the worst that's going to happen to them is. They're going to go some country club bullshit prison and live out their days. That's not enough. Fear to keep people in check that's the truth do-gooders argue this shit and say oh well. What if he did this or and he was abused as a child or he was under duress or you had PT? Not The motherfucker hurt. This person did that person or did this or that they need to be dealt with right. We fucking argue every day about. Oh how do we stop. Dwi is how about this. Put A fucking lawn place. You get caught driving drunk. You go to jail for year. Nobody would drive drunk and you know what would happen. The CAB companies the economy and all the shit the supports that lifestyle would fucking thrive. But why don't they do that. Why don't they do it? I know why because none of the lawyers have vote for it because they make all their money defending motherfuckers all right so this is another. Are you know this is what we talked about in the last episode where we have these ideals in these systems and play that don't serve society but everybody just accepts them. You know what I mean. Yeah so I think the way things were run back then is a very relevant topic to dive into who in terms of how society is run. Today you didn't do that Shit back then you didn't fuck with people back then. People mind their own business. They did their own thing. They took care serve each other and if they did do bad shit guess what happened. Bad Shit happened to them. But we don't have that now you kids getting a fist fight in the fucking school parking. You want and call the fucking cops. You know what I'm saying. Yeah absolutely I'm not some violent fucking savage but like you you gotTa have a way to keep people in check and right now. They're not in check. They're going fucking crazy. You got all these criminals running around doing crazy ass shit because there's no fucking fear what's going to happen to them whenever they get caught. That's the truth. Because you have all these fucking ultra fucking super liberal motherfuckers who are like sympathizing with people that don't deserve it and before you raise your voice. Say Oh you're fucked up dude. I'm a victim of violent crime. I fuck no at that Shit's like do you probably not and I'm glad you don't but I'm GonNa tell you right now. The Do fucking stab me in the face he was he was there was charges that were waiting to be pressed on him for him almost killing another man with a baseball bat a few weeks beforehand. What if they had actually actually fucking enforce those charges and took care of that instead of it being like? Oh well we're not sure if this is worth Blah Blah Blah Blah you know what I'm saying do my wife and I'm glad they did it because I'm glad to happen but the point is there's lots of situations where somebody doesn't survive because if somebody like that you know what I mean what what I hear you saying to Not that this was your main point but but maybe it was a historically. We've always been a nation of laws and we've been a a nation. Where if you do this this this is what's going to result if you break the law this is what's going to happen and I think there's no question like Well particularly Wrigley and the Old Testament. There's a thing called the lex Talionis which is Which is basically modern translation would be the the law? Reciprocity which is that if you kill somebody the equitable justice for that is that that person gets killed in other words. You know the eye for an eye to what a lot of people don't realize is that that is not a prescription for vengeance. That's a prescription for if you if you take somebody's eye out the appropriate response. Is You out like right. It was meant to be in that original system in the Old Testament was meant to be a source of justice. But but there's no question that there there's a spiritual principle I mean in the three affirmed in the New Testament which is whatsoever so ever man reaps so also show he so right. So there's there's what I think what I feel like you're saying now is that we've gotten to a point where people people want to break laws whether it be legal moral ethical whatever and get out of the consequences. I don't know what people want. Yeah I know this. I know that if you're a criminal and you know that if you fucking carjack someone that and kill them that there's a chance that you could be dead in forty days. They fucking stop doing it right. People don't want to deal with the consequences of their actions. That's right and as a society. We don't fear the consequence right. They don't fear the consequences right. They don't so that's something. I can respect about the way they did back then. That's all I'm trying to say. Yeah I get it I get it well on that level though like I said it goes back to what we're saying here you have A. It's just a really complicated thing you have this this movie portraying Trang these relationships within this organized crime syndicate and they are not on many levels. They are not good people and they're not doing good things but man there is there. There is virtue at different aspects in their relationship. And I tell you what I what I liked. And I'm curious about what you have to say The the themes that I thought that were really interesting in this movie. Were the themes of friendship and loyalty there before you even say okay that I was just thinking I saw a clip that was forwarded to me by a friend of mine. Who is a New York City cop one of my best friends? Rents sends me a clip of a person. This is a news report. The person had and went this guy had went into rob dollar store with a gun and before he was able to get the money the clerk who's legally carrying a weapon shot and and killed this person. Okay then on the news. They show this person's family who got killed and they're saying he didn't deserve to get killed old he didn't Blah Blah Blah. That's the problem. I'm talking about with society motherfucker. How the fuck can you say that someone who walks into a store pulls out a gun on sticks it in someone's face and that person then defends themselves and kills? This person is not didn't get what they deserved. That's that's exactly what the fuck they deserve. And if you don't think so you're fucking delusional. I'm just going to say that right now. We cannot have people running around around doing this shit terrorizing regular folks because they feel like it's okay. You know what I mean. Yeah that makes that is not that and we have what we have now. Is We have a situation in our society where there is a group of people who look at the one exception to the rule. Right like they'll pull like right now. I can already imagine what they're saying. Well what about nineteen seventy two when prisoner number four seven seven six seven two five. We found out that we executing them wrongly well. You should've done your fucking homework better than you know what I'm saying. But that doesn't mean that we make the rest of society suffer because we made a mistake eight back in one thousand nine hundred seventy right. You know what I mean right and nobody will spend it. It's not a mistake everybody's saying it's a tragedy of somebody's wrongly accused that is that is that is a tragedy. Asia is huge chain. Don't fucking all the game plan because you're made one mistake. Learn from the mistake put systems in place to prevent that from happening. I'm pretty fucking sure. It doesn't take fifteen years for someone to figure out if they actually did these crimes or not. You know what I mean. Let's it's short net fifteen year window into. Maybe it's not forty days. Maybe it's one year. Maybe it's two years but let's make short enough to where when people are pulling a gun out of their pocket to stick in someone's face they're aware enough to know well. This could be my life in a very short time. If I do this it would make people behave differently but we have too many people out there that sympathize with people and somehow justify their behavior. Because they've we've had zero taste of this in their sheltered little fucking fairy tale life. You see what I'm saying. That's the problem. We got suzy. Suzy homemaker who's been raised in white upper middle class America who has never experienced any the real hardship or had any run INS with anything real out in the fucking street picketing for this mother fuckers rights. No Fuck you you that Doodo have no rights. You know what I'm saying. That's how I feel but then again what do I know. Only the victim of a fucking attempted murder. You know what I'm saying. What do I know so I don't know but I again? I hear what you're saying and it goes down to we're living in a society increasingly does not want to be held accountable. Whether it's breaking the law or you know it's entitlement bro Right it's titled Settlement. It's a title that I deserve to have this sort of life because I was born right. which is the absolute fucking nonsense? I some people people are so entitled. They don't even know they're entitled right right there so entitled. They're ignorant like I could always people all the time who hit me up. And they're saying yeah. Fuck these these these kids. They're so entitled. The millennials are no. It's not just the millennials. What do you think they got that from? Got It from you motherfucker right. They just come up with that idea. They watched you a lot of people pointing their finger at millennials. Should we point the finger at themselves who raises them. Who set that example? That's a great point and it's not in you and I are getting a little older. It's not just I think millennials are getting older. I'm just saying saying it's not I think. The millennials are actually starting to be the generation. That's getting older. I don't know what they call the kids in high school these days I think it's I think generation y but the point is is that yes. You're right right the dirty little. Call the fucking realist. Because that's what we're GONNA make that's right. We're GONNA generation real but But I liked that that generation our generation generation are. Yeah but really the the the dirty little secret. Nobody wants to talk about everybody's so down these kids who raised them. Who raised him? But that's the entitlement self and listen I'm I'm I'm understand what I'm saying. I get it and this is what I would say like. I'm a parent. I'm not about to quick to judge. Parenting is hard and I'm not quick to judge other parents but I will say this both as a parent is a guy that worked with kids for like ten ten years as a youth..

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