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Good evening. I'm Dimitri Sodas


Trump tweets Tonight. As he watches quote the pandemic spread its ugly face all across the world. He gets more and more angry at China. Corona virus first erupted on a massive scale in China, after which it's Fred to the planet from New Zealand to Brazil. The virus quickly spread, causing death on a massive scale as well as of course, a drastic shift in how we're living, engaging with one another and taking a massive toll on the global economy. Where is the Trump Administration on wearing masks to protect ourselves and others? The White House recommends you wear a face covering, but it will not be mandated by the federal government, respecting the decisions that governors are making. There have been states that have delegated authority, a local communities with regard to facial coverings. Vice President Mike Pence. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden strongly criticized President Trump over his handling of the Corona virus. Pandemic Biting is accusing the president of waving the white flag in his words and refusing to leave the country through a pandemic that killed more than 127,000 Americans and has lead to depression level era employment. Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, the former vice president said he would ask Dr Fauci oven, I h to continue his work during a Biden administration. I'll be a president respects Sciences.

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