Yeah, I was like they're six and 10 all day long. With what they've got, and but you know, Also,


Your feelings on New England prior to this, so I assume you had the bills as the favorite in the division. Now that the floor is raised for New England. I don't do we want to talk about their ceiling like is it? A lot of the betting sites are now making them co favorites. Do you think that this elevates New England to being back on what they automatically leapfrog Miami and the Jets? Yeah, I think they do that. Um, I would still put the bills as slight favorites, I would say before this Cam Newton Acquisition for New England. I was pretty confident that the bills now we're going to run away with the division winning by four games, but that they were the clear favorite that if you look, uh, certainly, even if you give the Patriots The clear, uh, advantage in terms of the head coach with Bill protect the rosters if you just stepping away If you're not saying you live in western New York, anything just as an analyst, the Bills roster is much better than the Patriots roster. And upgrade for the, um the Patriots to upgrade the most important position. Certainly elevates that. But in terms of the receiver group, the offensive line the depths on defense, the Patriots still have a good defense. They have to fund Gilmore, the reigning defensive player of the year, some other good pieces, but they lost a lot in free agency on that side of the ball and Belichick Certainly can scheme defensive production, But I still think from top to bottom. The bills have a better and certainly more cohesive roster, so I would still pick them as The favorite, But maybe that's a slight favorites instead of clear favorites at this point Yeah, I'm I'm very much in alignment with you There. I I I was saying for a few weeks and I got, you know, push back mostly in the form of like, you know, don't Don't say they're dead until they're dead, right, but that new England would just there going to be bad that there's no way with that quarterback play that I would expect, you know, knowing that stadium is just another known, but what we do know about him is that there's no reason to think he's going to step in and be. You know anything close to what Brady gave them even in a down year last year, So Yeah, I was like they're six and 10 all day long. With with what they've got, and but you know, Also, I sort of was waiting for this to happen. And it finally did. It took until the end of June. But they, you know, they made the move. So you know, I'm I'm real interested. I think a lot of football fans are like, Well, I consider myself a Newton fan, so I don't love this landing spot for him, and I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but I have found him very easy to root for over the years, and that's that's obviously going to be challenging now with him playing with the Patriots, But I wonder about the fit there. Would you have a thought on Cam Newton, the personality going to New England? Yeah, I know. I've seen quite a bit of that on social media that it's that a lot of people are kind of insinuating that it's not A good fit, because, uh, he's certainly been willing to say or be more outspoken to the media he has, You know, He dresses crazy. After the games, he's posting stuff. On Twitter on Instagram a lot. He's not. He doesn't really have the blinders on as Muchas as Tom Brady did, but Everything that I've

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