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Elected here in Kentucky him. His agenda was being thwarted by Mitch McConnell. And she was going to help


Either the Senate really 2022 or the Louisville mayoral race, which a lot of people already think he could win that overwhelmingly. Yeah. I didn't even think of that until after the election, or the results came in today. I saw people tweeting. Hey, Corey there, Charles. Do you keep calling him, Cory? I do that all the time of their like, Hey. Mayor Mayor Booker has a nice ring to it. Well, we'll see how that all works out there a lot of other people interested in becoming the mayor, including David James, who's President, Metro Council. He's also an African American male. He's also a former police officer, and that gives him Another dimension. Plus, there are many other people that are considering running for mayor or two, but but David James is he's got moment, um, rolling himself, so we'll see how that plays out. A CZ for Rand. Paul, You know he's quirky, but he's got he's got his roots dug in now in the Commonwealth after serving as long as he has, and that's a bigger challenge than people think There's go. You'll just run because well, he said, this and that's weird. Incumbency is a power chip. That's hard overcome, Uh, All right, we come back. We're going to talk. It's sad, but we have to talk about this guy who was the shooter at Jefferson Square Park. Steven Lopez. He's the alleged shooter, I've technically say. Took taking the life of Tyler Girth the other night. Now, The Courier Journal has an exclusive interview with his grandparent's The shooter's grand parents, and there's some disturbing using their which

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