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18 minutes to 80. 94. Inbound checking in good


Ford. 18 minutes to 80. 94. Inbound checking in good evenings. Great both ways. Kennedy out Clear. And Bonnie had a short lived crash at Fullerton. Out of the way. Still 27 from O'Hare, 17 off the junction Know Eisenhower delays? No. Stevenson Delays looking good for you, too. On 55. Make sure Dr North a bit crowded as you approach Chicago River. That is because of ongoing roadwork on the river bridge. You lose the two right lanes, so everybody emerging over to the left south on Tri state still jammed. Has been since right around four o'clock from the Stevenson, the 95th of rolled over box truck. The cleanups ongoing. The investigation's ongoing the two right lanes remain blocked because of it. North bound to 94. Easy come easy. Go rest your tollways getting your money's worth 80 east crowded from Harlem to 57 but no troubles for you in or out of Indiana. That's everywhere. But we've got issues an ankle would 71st have the east of Loomis. And

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