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Half swing pitching in the dirt


Three's Cosma carbon atoms deep straight away on the infield. They give up. Schumacher right center in the outfield John Jays over in the left center, and here's the 22 pitch. Bringing a ground ball to the second baseman. Take care of marker in a row, retired Michael Walker. Here's a J. Ellis. He flied to center field, his first trip. 10 homers, 52 R B I s better to 38 during the regular season. He's there everyday Catcher. Very durable. Hey, takes a fastball for ski right? Here's a shot deep into left center. This is trouble. No one's going to get theirs. It takes a hop, and it goes into the seats for a ground that breaks the string of 13 in a row. Phalluses have the hits today this year Championship series. Try to Boston tonight. Sanchez and Lester will hook up

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