Pretty heavy in Milwaukee and Gulf Road and that's due to a crash.


I'm the Stevenson before you get to 95th ongoing cleanup of an earlier rolled over box truck, but it rolled over a car and there was some extrication require. This is several hours of ghosts of the investigation's taking their time. The two right lanes Air down on north bomb Tri state. No gay pers. No delays. Eaton's is good both ways. Kennedy out fine. Inbound Heavy Randolph into the Jane Byrne, 25 formal here. It's about 15 off the Edens. No slow down on the ICQ. No slow downs on the Stevenson, 55. Looking pretty good for you, north or south up on. Ryan takes about 18 but in but on the Dan Ryan is 15 up on 57. Just a little heavy out. The whole said Haven't earlier crash in the left lane. They've got it out of the way. So the delay is residual. 17 minutes to get to 80. I'll

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