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Researchers are calling it the G four virus and says it's genetically descended from the H one N one swine flu that calls the 2009 pandemic and it's been spreading on pig firms in China since 2016 and has infected a few people but hasn't yet been documented to have made anyone sick. It's something that still isn't the stage. Of examination health officials. They despite their concerns, the new swine flu is not a global threat right now, but something we need to keep our eye out on just the way we did. In 2009 with the emergence of the swine flu. I'm not Hero, Narrow reporting. White House claims that President Trump has now been given an intelligence briefing suggesting Russian would pay militants in Afghanistan to kill Americans. Soldiers. While the president is coming under growing pressure from lawmakers to respond to those allegations, Krantz were accusing Trump of yielding to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and they're demanding more answers about the intelligence. The governor of Texas is taking further action to reduce the rising number of covert 19 virus cases in his state from Clayton of Governor Rabbit is

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