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It ain't gives you rita came. First cerita waves rena dipped but after did they got hit balls with all kinds of players who have won grand slams whose names i don't know they were rattling off resumes but he's women. I guess she won wimbledon. In two thousand seventeen gene or is he the three time grand slam champion dan mullen who this is and they say that name i never heard an outward walk and eastern european woman that i had never seen like like american interest in tennis in their way is just kind of waned as we don't have that many american tennis players left that are like at the height in that way although we've actually actually we've got more of them than i think credit forces interesting. They're disproportionately black. Maybe it has. I have no idea but anyway i went out today event and you know who the people were. Amryah sharipova was there. It wasn't a rousing ovation gate. It wasn't a rousing ovation as let's just say. The crowd seemed to be much more serena crowd than maria crowd. If i'm with you a is one of those one of those situations but anyway i saw him out there <hes> and then then after that the draw came out and we had sharipova and serena williams playing in the first round now the game was going on during a birthday dinner. I went to the bathroom at some point and i saw that the score was one one in the first set by the time dinner was done serena beat her six one six one and as that last game is in progress on watching sharipova or one of the game's over the last one but watch sharipova job and she's got the ball and she's doing driven ball before she serves. I dunno dribbling the right way to put it but whatever i say things as i know so she dribbling getting ready to serve and and you can just see it interface. I think she wanted to cry and i'm not saying there's like oh boo view of saying this like literally like she wanted to cry. She looked miserable israel. She looked as though she was being embarrassed in front of the world and so here's thing for me clearly some of y'all out here love maria sharapova and i noticed some of your love maria sharapova because you have to love maria sharapova in order to try to sell this idea the idea somehow the maria sharapova and serena williams are rivals just because sharipova beat serena a couple times like fifteen eighteen years ago literally like a couple times like fifteen years ago and i even like a couple of times. It is literally a couple times. The the like fifteen years ago is guessing because i'm not sure the exact timing on the dates all right but offer that somebody fight decided that this was a rivalry what has happened in that rivalry sense. Serena has beaten her nineteen gene straight times nineteen straight times. Sharipova has not taken a set off serena in breath ten years ten years et gave me. If i'm wrong didn't serena give it a blues at the olympics. I believe so two two thousand twelve olympics six love six one out at wimbledon and the olympics six love six one and you know whose fault it is y'all's fall. It's y'all's fault because serena wooden have the doer like that if y'all one out here trying to act like like somehow they were arrives the need to present somebody to have alongside serena williams as a rival. That's why y'all in this situation. Asian serena beat anybody else nineteen times in a row. Is there anybody else that she is. This consistently dog walked in the way she maria sharapova pope. Do you think that that is strictly about the way that their games match up because wash sharipova. Maybe a little overrated. She has five grand slam titles and she has won the career your grand slam right like she's not annakournakova or anything like that but she out here getting dog walked by serena every single time..

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