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Eagles dominating time of possession worked in our favor. The anti Ron Rivera game. I love it. Because because they took they were taking because they've thoroughly dominated as often simply defensively, but they took so long the score that by the end of the game, they only had like four drives. And so we didn't have a lot of ground to makeup on talking about the ton of on the on the field to between like didn't Elliott Nisshin. Missed field goal to be fair though. It was like twenty mile per hour cyclone like win like that's not a joke. Either. I was walking. I had went out to grab stuff for the game. We'll just say stuff not not legal drugs. Just some beers walking from my car to my house, which was roughly maybe twenty five yards at went from very calm winds to having to avoid a trash can flying at me. Like it was it was legit. Like that wind was not they weren't kidding about that at all. I mean, it's possible. Somebody threw it at you, though. I mean, I am a terrible person. I'm often referred to as well. It's not what you are. But you live in Pennsylvania. So you don't have to be a terrible person. The thought of somebody dislike laying in wait, wait to see Brian. And then just hop out amount of blue trash kit. That would be the greatest thing ever. It could have been. I mean, I just saw nothing come flying. At me. It was my trash cans, and maybe one of our roommates threw it at me. I don't know. Is rebelling about stuff you throw into it? You had a problem with all the trash, and it's putting in there. Yeah. You're right now, the time possession actually came back to bite the eagles because this was a very big defensive game. So it was kind of defined by big plays. And while the eagles made a ton of big plays. They didn't make the big plays to get touchdowns. Because this this should have been a blow out like the eagles absolute cylinders on offense. And they were being very aggressive two. They went forward on fourth down. I think it was like two or three times in the first half. Like it went for twice in the same drive and got it. So. And that's what I'm saying. Like if if it scored liquor. Got the ball back like more frequently before they upped away the end like we're probably looking at like a like a thirty one thing or twenty four nothing Olers. Yeah. It just didn't have enough chances to alway which part of that is the Panthers taking out. But like the eagles punted. It was the first drives fable attempt to they missed. Touchdown field goal. Touchdown. They could have just kept running up the score. If they got the ball more. Yup. And for whatever reason I actually wasn't super down on the coaching this week. There were a lot of plays on first down where it ended up being a five yard loss. And it's like that's really hard to come back from against a mediocre defense. And the eagles defense is pretty good that front sevens nasty. So filing the fourth quarter when the offense of line started to hold people down and the it helped the eagles went into more of a prevent defense too. But the offense actually was not losing yards on the like half a first down on a given play. And that that seemed to help as well. We'll see I'm still I'm still down on the coaching because we didn't start actually doing anything until the fourth quarter. And we were down seventeen nothing, and you made a good point part of it was because the prevent defense, which pro tip coaches future coaches future players, the only thing the prevent defense prevents as you winning the game. Just get that out eagles fourth quarter game threat told me I saw that so many times had absolutely it. It's absolutely true. The only thing the prevent defense prevents is winning. Don't do it. But anyway. We didn't start doing things that teams who win games do until we got into a seventeen nothing whole. And I'm not taking anything away from the eagles defense. They're really good. That's not the point. We saw the hurry up. No huddle. We saw more shots down field. We saw all those things when we were in a seventeen hall. Why why aren't we doing those things earlier in the game to build a seventeen nothing lead?.

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