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Com to read all about it. Thanks for being on the show again. Duke, thank you Vicki good to have you on the program. We'll take a break here, folks. This is Vicki McKenna show. Hey, it's. Just in. Actually this happened This was reported a couple of days ago, but I just saw it. Thank you David for sending this to me. Via Messenger. Looks like the experiment with the Trans Gender neutral bathroom. In the RHINELANDER high school has. Has Gone. Awry. Now what are we told? We are told that. Girls who want to be considered boys should be called boys and are in fact, boys boys want to be considered. Girls are in fact girls and should be treated as girls well rhinelander. Gender neutral bathroom took them. The boy's bathroom turned it into an all genders bathroom, and now they have closed that bathroom after an eighteen year old rhinelander high school student has been accused of exposing himself. In the gender neutral bathroom. We'll presumably to a girl because if it were a boys' bathroom, there's all kinds of exposure going on. Not that I've ever been in a boys' bathroom. Will yes. I have because occasionally. The fellas are Nice enough to let me use the men's bathroom at a sporting event when the lines of the ladies are long, thank you and no. We're not GONNA accommodate you gentlemen similarly in the ladies bathroom, but my guess is that this boy? Has Been Accused of exposing himself to the girl who identifies as a boy? Now this high school who knows? How was it just standing at a urine I, don't. Now they've closed the bathroom until the police investigation is completed, the boy has been has been charged with fourth degree sexual assault. I can't even see how this could have happened right. Who could have ever predicted it? You see it happening. It's inconceivable that something would go awry. Putting boys and girls in the exact same bathroom facility. I can't even believe this. This is the Vicki McKenna show..

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