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To pay for it. It's not much I think ten or twenty bucks. But if you can't afford it. And if you are a veteran. Let me give it to you know, let me be gracious to you. Please. And there's also one of thing that is free. The seven minute meditation. Can you Menendez that this seven minute meditation? If you have an iphone use go to my website. And see my picture in appearing and press the button. And you got it on yours and listen to it. A couple of times today. Seven minutes only. Seven minutes, just listen carefully. This is what you can expect not to help. God's making you better. Don't help him. Do nothing of myself. I couldn't do nothing the father within me. He does it all. He does it all through me. This is not ROY speaking. I know who speaks through me, I tell it. And if you look at yourself, it's the other way round. Got voices talking to you. But they've always been there since you are baby. Because when you came into the world. The culture and the world came into you. I had a glimpse of the injustice that your mother and father never realized they had too.

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