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And color, and in England, you know, the you in the spelling of commerce. Yes, civilization with an s instead of z. I like those differences. Regionalism satellites are changing every I know. I know. Do you remember when I went to a birthright Israel, birthright and all they do is quote, big bang and how I met your mother, all of them. It's the strangest thing to be with members of the idea the military in Israel and all they do is quote those two shows it was surreal, and that's your. That's your bait. You know, that's the ORs and they all know your vanity cards at the end. That's the other thing that amazes me. Is that something that I think if you pitched that on its own people would say, oh, I don't know. But now it's, it's almost like a, it's like a collector's item that they go. No, I've read every single one. I know back and forth. You're like baseball cards. Worthless hardly hardly worthless. You get to meet stuff. We would TV junkie growing up probably just as much as any other kid growing up in the sixties. And you know it was get smart, you know, Lucy and honeymooners, and and then later in the sixties smothers, brothers and Star Trek. Actually when the smothers brothers Star Trek or I believe they were canceled on the the same year, I swore off television. I wanted nothing to do with a medium that would would lose the two best shows on television. So I really did. I didn't have a TV for most of the seventies this unless I was romantically involved with the woman who owned a TV. I did have one. Good thing to look for in a partner, though. Solid thing on your list of. So do you have cable. Trinitron a roof. It'd be when you struggling. It says, big time to go up on Long Island, how how can we possibly conveyed? Anybody of younger set the honeymooners and the constancy of the honeymooners there only thirty nine episodes and we ran them over and over and over again. And I didn't mind one bit because I would watch them over and over and over again. This characters. Yeah, the character characters were more important than the stories. Relationships are more important than the stories. The characters were icon. IQ and brilliantly played. Yeah, the best. The best buddy comedy in the world with Naughton you know, and Ralph and and it was, I didn't know I was getting an education, but I was getting an education. We all were to one degree Castillo and laurel and hardy? Yeah. Even the stooges. I mean, you're getting a, you're learning about vaudeville. Yeah. And you didn't know it is just that the roots of American comedy? Yeah. Yeah. And and who knows? I mean. It's in there, right? It's in your conscious in mine. Not so much jesse's made it into me, man. I think it's there. I was fortunate because in the ways that you don't realize you're fortunate at the time, but we had a little black and white TV and on Sunday nights was the wonderful world of Disney and solvent of course, you know, I'm their deemed fourteen in younger, twelve, eleven years old. I wanna watch Disney. You know. My dad had Sunday nights off. That was his night off. We watched Sullivan and I got to see every great stand up of that era. Yeah. And and and that was an education, including forgotten figures, like Myron Cohen? Sure, yeah, yeah, shaky grea-. Yeah. Gets still in mirrors. And just endless all the guys that worked the borscht belt and had perfected and mastered the craft of making audience laugh. And what I found fascinating about the Sullivan show which made a different from the west coast show the Hollywood palace instead on the Sullivan show people would die. You watch, you'd watch. Comics come out and die..

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